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  1. With power becoming easier and easier to find, bad AVG and/or zero speed guys like this have almost no appeal to me anymore.
  2. Until Bonds and Clemens are in, the whole voting process continues to be a mockery.
  3. His second half reminded me of Charlie Morton’s first half. Absolutely dominant. Definitely buying again this year.
  4. Wilson Ramos looks like the best bang for the buck. Extremely safe floor and he will likely be batting in the 5 spot for the majority of his games like last year. Nothing flashy, just good, solid production at a fair price.
  5. Encore! Encore! This dude carried a lot of us to glory and we shall never forget him for it. 👍
  6. I’ll take the over on WR8. I don’t have any issues taking him in the second round. Especially if Jameis remains a Buccaneer. Which I think he will, most likely due to being franchised. Next season is Godwin’s “contract year” too. I’m definitely going to have shares of him again.
  7. It sucks that his lowest scoring week just happened to be the championship game. A total bummer, but it happens. He still is the third highest scoring WR in 0.5 point PPR behind only Michael Thomas and Chris Godwin. Let’s not act like he’s been a bust all year though. He’s went 104/1,165/7 this year and still has a game left. Not exactly my definition of a bust.
  8. Me being a Bucs fan - I sure hope not. Those multi-year, big dollar running back contracts hardly ever return adequate value. From a fantasy standpoint though, he’d flourish there. At least for a year or two.
  9. 6/16 were players I drafted. Only 3 guys that I drafted are in my starting lineup for my championship game. They were my first three picks as well: Hopkins, Kelce and Mahomes. My fourth pick was Godwin who I wish was still starting and my fifth pick was Golladay whose matchup I hate. Yeah, I went zero-RB.
  10. Since week 10, the Lions have only allowed 83.1 rushing yards per game which is the second lowest amount in the NFL during that span. During that same time frame, opposing teams have only gained 3.1 yards per rushing attempt against them which is lowest in the entire NFL. These are the RBs that have faced the Lions from weeks 10-15 and their results: Week 10- David Montgomery: 17/60/0 (3.5 ypc) - 0/0/0 rec Tarik Cohen: 3/14/0 (4.7 ypc) - 4/23/1 rec Week 11- Ezekiel Elliott: 16/45/1 and a fumble (2.8 ypc) - 2/28/1 rec Tony Pollard: 2/12/0 (6.0 ypc) - 4/44/1 rec Week 12- Derrius Guice: 10/32/0 (3.2 ypc) - 1/6/0 rec Adrian Peterson: 10/27/0 (2.7 ypc) - 1/22/0 rec Week 13- David Montgomery: 16/75/0 (4.7 ypc) - 2/12/1 rec Tarik Cohen: 3/9/0 (3.0 ypc) - 4/26/0 rec Week 14- Dalvin Cook: 18/62/1 (3.4 ypc) - 2/13/0 rec Alexander Mattison: 14/46/0 (3.3 ypc) - 2/18/0 rec Week 15- Ronald Jones: 11/23/0 (2.1 ypc) - 1/26/0 rec Peyton Barber: 10/17/0 (1.7 ypc) - 2/23/0 rec - Pretty shocking for a team that has lost 7 straight to have been so solid against the run during that span. David Montgomery’s 87 scrimmage yards in week 13 are the most that the Lions have allowed to a single player over this stretch as well. Add in the fact that Lindsay hasn’t had a 100 yard scrimmage game since week 5 and that Freeman has gotten 9.3 touches (to Lindsay’s 15.0) per game over the Broncos last 3 games and I just don’t like it. At all. He’s a sit for me unless you’re desperate.
  11. “I’m not a guy that’s going to sit out the whole year.” Except for this year, that is. 🤣
  12. I’m fully prepared for him not to play. I’m so happy he had such a monster year though and helped a lot of us reach the championship round. At least, if you’re still reading this thread you probably owned him and he helped get you this far. Unless, your opponent has him and you’re just lurking in here for intel. 🤣