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  1. Bucs are going to eat the Raiders alive. I’m starting Jacobs only because I’m forced to due to BYE weeks, injuries, etc. Just hoping he luckboxes into the end zone like Kamara did in week 1 when the Bucs D held him to 1.3 ypc.
  2. I’m with you. This dude is insanely athletic for a tight end. This offense is just terrible and won’t get much better with Barkley on IR and Jones under center. This guy is good... he’s just surrounded by trash.
  3. Definitely a sell. That garbage time run nearly doubled his fantasy point output and really inflated his overall numbers.
  4. You’re right about that. The only other QBs on their roster are a dead-armed guy with no zip on his throws and another guy that only knows how to run the 4 plays from the original NES version of Tecmo Bowl.
  5. Absolutely. Even the best teams in the league are rarely up by 21+ points for the entire second half. Also, the first Buccaneers TD was a pick 6. Then the next TD was a 1 play, 2 yard drive after another long interception return. That’s not going to happen every week.
  6. You can tell who did or didn’t watch the game by some of these comments. The Buccaneers defense and running game completely obliterated the Packers and there was absolutely nothing Green Bay could do to stop it. Tampa Bay was up by 21+ points for the entirety of the second half and there was no need to throw the ball, other than on 3rd downs. Belichick isn’t coaching Brady anymore, so the days of him slinging the ball downfield whilst up by four touchdowns in the 4th quarter are over with. This game was an outlier.
  7. Yep. Yesterday’s game, or at least Brady’s stats from it, aren’t really an indication of Tampa’s offense going forward. The first Buccaneers TD was a pick 6. Then, on the very next possession Rodgers threw another INT that was returned to the GB 2 yard line where Jones was able to punch it in on the very next play. Also, later in the game, Brady attempted a pass to Gronk from inside the 5 that was batted down and then Jones got the call on the next play for his second TD of the day. The Bucs were up by 21+ points for the entirety of the second half due to defensive dominance. There was no need for Brady to throw the ball at all, other than on third downs. The game was an outlier for sure. The defense and the running game just completely destroyed the Packers and there was nothing Green Bay could do to stop it.
  8. Huge statement win for the Bucs today. Think twice about playing any running backs against them going forward.
  9. Chris Godwin was a full participant in practice today and will be playing on Sunday. I think he’s more likely to get covered by Alexander. Either way, they have to compensate for both of them and even if Alexander stays on Evans, I’m not too worried. Ridley isn’t even half as physical as Evans is, so I can’t really see any correlation between them as far as how they will fare against the same guy covering them. Apples and oranges.
  10. 3.6 ypc “looks great in games” to you? I hope I’m wrong about Jacobs and that he stays healthy and balls out the rest of the year, but I see one too many red flags.
  11. He had a shoulder issue before Week 1 that caused him to miss practice time. He had an ankle issue before Week 2 that caused him to miss practice time. He had a hip issue before Week 3 that caused him to miss almost all practices that week. Seemed fine between weeks 4-5 though. The shoulder issue he had early this year was a flare up of the same one that bothered him almost all of last season that caused him to miss 3 games in 2019. He already has 106 carries this year (which leads the league) and the run defenses he has to face coming up are pretty tough.