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  1. Looks like fuller must be hurt already since he wasn’t on the field at all that drive.
  2. Well i forgot to insert Andrews into my lineup so everyone enjoy the 3 tds if you played him!
  3. Jacobs had a week or rest and he’s up against the worst run D in the league! He’s a must start imo
  4. Bell plays tonight which is what makes it tricky. I either play him and likely regret it tonight or bench him and cross my fingers Jacobs plays. Laird is not available...literally the best available FA rb is Hines, Burkhead, McKissic, etc.
  5. Good options there over Baker. I would go Drew Lock actually unless he looks terrible this week.
  6. I would play Brown over him.
  7. PPR I am a slight underdog and debating on what to do here. I feel like Sanders for sure would be a better play and arguably Fuller as well if he plays against a not so great TN defense. If Jacobs were to sit, I would be looking at some pretty bad RB options on the waiver wire is what’s really making this decision difficult. What to do? QB- Dak RB- Jacobs RB- Ekeler WR- Thomas WR- ARob WR- Gallup Flex- ? TE- Cook D- Eagles K- Butker Bench: Bell, Fuller, E Sanders, Kyler Murray, Perriman, OJ Howard, Hollister, Broncos D
  8. If you’re gonna have a bad kicker, atleast make sure he can onside kick it. Learn from the Falcons.
  9. I like to feel like I earned it atleast lol
  10. 63.3 points between dak/gallup/Arob. Honestly, I am ashamed and feel like I should have about half that.