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  1. Yeah it just shows 4 points against LA D/ST. Just asking because I am only up 4 with LA D/ST remaining
  2. Grr should have just traded Hendo for Bell while I had the chance
  3. Need 9 points from LA DST. Sacks, blocks, and turnovers all get 2 points. Let’s goooo
  4. Uhhh I don’t think I can risk starting him and having him get benched in a must win week. I am 2-4 and pretty desperate for a win. I have Lamar on buy and just dropped Brees yesterday in favor of Minshew. Brees won’t clear waivers to pick him back up so here are my choices.... Dalton, Baker, Carr, Jimmy G, K Allen, or Foles. 6 points per passing TD and 300/400 yard bonuses.
  5. Ceh jacobs and drake. Gio is tempting over drake
  6. Pit and I’d grab Perine if you may need to play a RB in the near future or Murray if you just need a good stash.