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  1. yeah labor day is the last weekend you can draft, i usually avoid that weekend in case people are going out of town. we're doing ours Aug 26, night of the mayweather/mcgregor fight
  2. Yo.. so ready for ffb season.

    last year was the first year i made the playoffs and didnt win the whole thing in my $ league, i got bounced by the eventual champ in the first round.

    I drafted well last year but then had some injuries. i made some trades that went OK, but gave up my 8th, 9th, & 10th picks this year trying to make a run. My team was competitve (9-4) but other teams were getting hot going into the playoffs while mine was just putting up average performances.


    I really could have used a stud WR but my league is points per carry so RBs are carry a lot of value and i usually wind up loading up on them. This year i want to try real hard to snag a top stud WR and break my habit of passing on them.


    we're drafting the night of the mcgregor/mayweather fight which should be a blast, last year worked out too that we ordered the mcgregor/diaz fight. we play flipcup survivor to determine draft order.


    i'll be posting an update to my VBD strategy i posted last year. It really works but it's pretty tedious & complicated - so i'm going to try and simplify it. I've been using the strategy for 4 years, and no matter what scoring system/fantasy site I use, i am always projected like 1 or 2 in the league in fantasy points after the draft. won my $ league twice in those 4 years.


    I also been using strategy a chart to determine by what rounds certain positions will be gone (ie all RB1s will be drafted by round 2.5, WR1s gone by rd 3), taking into account how your actual league drafts. I'll post more info on this too


    my league is a wacky points per carry, superflex league, so i would definitely like to hear from anyone in a similar league on rankings and strategy (take two stud qbs early, or one and then wait?)


    good luck all..