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  1. Definitely a good trade for you based on your wide receivers. I'd go for it. My only concern is godwin's injury. Trading mostert may be better. Gibson has no competition for the lead back
  2. Depends what you need. I like higgins if need wr depth. Harris if rb. Tonyan if te. Best overall I think is higgins
  3. I'd go theilen lamb johnson personally
  4. I'd stay put you have a solid team as Is
  5. It's an interesting trade. I say go for it. You def get the best players in it but also it hurts your 3rd wr. I think he would take it.
  6. Tough decision. I'd rather have mt and ekeler. But it hurts your team until ekeler comes back. I think it's risky. I personally would stay put.
  7. Should I trade julio + akers for theilen + jamaal williams? Current rbs: Arron jones, kareem hunt, james robinson, joshua kelley Current wr: julio, lockett, mclaurin, higgins, shenault Thoughts? This is ppr Whir!
  8. Would you trade away julio or theilen or evans straight up? I so for who? Whir!
  9. I actually prefer robinson to all of them. But if you don't like them I'd order them chark, allen, kupp. Best to worst
  10. Ben , minshew, goff, bridgewater, wentz
  11. Would you trade joshua kelley for Robert tonyan? My current rbs: aaron jones, kareem hunt, james robinson, akers. Te's: hockenson, engram, shultz
  12. Is there a good chance of him not playing this week ? Think I should start james robinson tonight over julio?