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  1. Miller as your Flex #2 and Like Gesicki out of those 3 TE's. Less mouths to feed in Miami and he's been very consistent.
  2. Whoa? Who did you replace Lockett with off the waiver wire?
  3. I like Gurley. SNF vs. divisional rival and Seattle can be run on as evident by Vikes on MNF.
  4. 1. I like Robinson over Chark if Gabriel is out, which is trending that way. 2. I like Snell over Hunt is Connor is out. Gotta go with the volume even though Hunt has been darn good and is facing Bengals but Cards have been garbage on Def. 3 I'd flex Hunt
  5. Wentz and Guice as well if cook is playing. I can see MNF being a shootout for Wentz with both defenses being awful.
  6. I like Sanders if Howard is out, which it's looking like. MNF home game for Eagles vs. Div. rival Giants and awful defense on both sides. I can see this being a high scoring game and Sanders should be relevant.
  7. Been rolling with Lockett as my WR3 all season and obviously has trended down big time lately with injury/illness and could get coverage from Jalen Ramsey but possible shootout? Considering swapping out with Marvin Jones who has been surprisingly consistent with double 26, 12, 25, 9, 14 points in his last 5 games full point PPR with 2nd and 3rd string QB play and did drop 4 TD's on Vikes wk 7 but with Stafford. Lions should be chasing points this game and needing to air it out alot. I can still play both with one in my flex spot but I'm consider Austin Hooper in the Flex and benching Lockett. Current lineup - Winston, Chubb, Carson, Hill, Godwin, Lockett, M. Jones Bench - Breida, J. Williams, Mclaurin, Hooper Any input appreciated and WHIR 100%!!
  8. Looking ahead to week 14 and 1st round of playoffs, Does Jalen Ramsey primarily cover the outside (DK Metcalf) or will he shadow Lockett in the slot? Sweating Lockett in 1st round of playoff's and looking at alternatives for WR3.
  9. Anything can happen for sure! Yesterday was a disappointment but hopefully he rebounds these next two weeks. Chubb did have his best game of the season @ Balt week 4 with these stats. 20/165/3
  10. Hoping he gets in some practice and is good to go vs. Raiders at home to see how the hammy holds up because if held out again and 1st game back on the road at New England is gonna be a nail bitter with 1st round of fantasy playoffs? 😲
  11. Heard on XM this morning that Seahawks backup center is already almost leading the league in sacks given up since becoming the starter 2-3 weeks ago. I recall in the 49's game, he got smoked and put on his arse getting wilson blown up. Could be one of those games where Wilson just doesn't have much time and is scrambling (which is when he's best though??) I have Lockett and Gordon on bench as a flyer and hoping the O-line can give RW some time? Fingers crossed..
  12. Ya, AJ Brown was just dropped by another team and with them facing the Chiefs and most likely Mahomes, I can see Tanehill needing to air it out 40+ times and abandon the run. Robby will have hopefully have a blow up game with the cake schedule coming up but just can't keep banking on when? RA balled out at end of last year but as we have seen, this team has severely regressed??
  13. just dropped for AJ Brown. Jets have mailed it in and Gase is up for the worst coaching honors right with Kitchens.. Good luck to everyone still waiting for this guys to show up??
  14. Byes, injuries and Connor out had Hyde in as flex and that fumble at goal line after 60 yrd run the difference in losing by 14 pts. Team already 3-5 because of the poor decisions to draft Gordon and AJG. gonna be 3-6 and on the outside looking in. Also, Russell Wilson I hate u 🙄