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  1. Mattison if Cook doesn't play. If he does play, then go with Penny/Henry (no Myles Jack this week)
  2. This is really tough but I'd probably go with Montgomery cause I'd trust his workload more.
  3. I'd go with Robinson. The playoffs aren't the time to bench your studs.
  4. Very tough, I like all three options. I'd probably go with Bell against a bad defense, but Sutton has been putting up numbers and Houston's secondary is beatable.
  5. Who is Snell playing? I'd probably lean toward Robinson unless the matchup for Snell is great.
  6. I'd probably go with Ryan, cause Carolina's defense is beatable and they just lost their defensive minded coach. Fitz is a fine play, I would stay away from Goff this week.
  7. What's more useful than asking a question that helps everyone else in the thread answer it better? Would you rather start Guice against the Dolphins or the Patriots? Any difference there?
  8. Who are all of these guys playing?
  9. I think you could ideally go with Fitz in both, but Mayfield @ ARI is a good play.
  10. For the players in question at FLEX, who are they playing?