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  1. I'm in deep trouble in ranking and with the BYEs. WHat do you guys think?
  2. He was in line for a good one, but then Haskins happened. This QB it nos event back up material right now ... Poor McLovin, he deserves better. I'm bad, I will have no break this year.
  3. so yeah it's that bad thanks to gordon. odell and sanders injuries... care for any advice ? thanks
  4. I Feel you bro ... My team was a juggernaute with Gordon, Sanders, Odell, Lindsay, Kelce, etc. 3 players played and fortunatly I managed to take JJ but 25 points with Lindsay, Kelce and JJ does not feel good. And oh my replacement are Corey David and Dante Pettis (even considering Curtis Samuel). Fantasy can be cruel.
  5. I just lost sanders, gordon and odell. Kelce scored like 6 points. My back up are peyton barber, corey davis and Dante pettis. Should I just throw the white flag ?
  6. count me in, oh yeah huh and add Gordon also. I'm screwed.
  7. first my league and proud owner of Gordon and Odell. FML.
  8. first in my league, and proud owner og Gordon and Odell. FML.
  9. Wow ou first ranked team just lost it's best player. I feel bad for him what an horrible call.
  10. Nuke is great, but let's be real, his route tree is not at the same level that jukio obj or ab.
  11. I'm going with Davis with the number 2 pick.
  12. He's by far one of the best, if not the best, if it was not for the antics. I only see Julio in the same category, maybe AB. No WR in any team can change a game like he can.
  13. I think drake has way more value than brown (which i own) No for me.
  14. Do you think it's crazy ? Or at the opposite that the other owner will never agree ? WHIR thznks