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  1. yea don't do this trade. gordon is not coming back, and if he does it won't be the chargers. good chance taysom hill gets a lot of looks at qb which severly hampers kamara.
  2. Please post the team's roster who dropped golladay. thanks
  3. you can't do either. no one is going to trade you AB for Boyd straight up and you're too thin at RB to trade Ekeler
  4. don't be a sucker bro. can't say you weren't warned but gl
  5. Will send link out once we get enough interest. ESPN Snake $25 leaguesafe ( 1st- $200 2nd-$100) 12 team double flex (rb/wr/te) faab
  6. Still here for expert draft advice during the draft. pm or message me here. not charging tonight since i'm in a good mood
  7. i know the ceo's personally. buyer beware just looking out
  8. sleeper is run by scammers just beware when using that app for fantasy
  9. Projected final standings: 1. nimsox 2. trevormortis . . . . . . . . 11. brooklynfinest 12. kansasjayhawk