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  1. He returned to practice though. If he’s out Monday too then I’m done
  2. That dude was literally wrong about everything
  3. Dangerous to complain about the best fantasy player in the 1st
  4. yeah for me it’s good enough to hold for now but he’s on the hot seat..
  5. maybe in 10 teamer? Not a bad line tonight
  6. Having another MRI, time to drop in 12teamers?
  7. I have harden and I’m winning FG% and TO’s right now both by a large margin. Never understood the punting thing. There’s 9 players averaging over 4 TOs a game
  8. career averages? Lol you act like he’s a 30 year old player. He’s a budding all star
  9. I’m down to play in this league