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  1. I don't think that's exclusive to just "violent runners." It happens to anyone coming off a huge workload.
  2. Not buying Lockett at his likely 5th round ADP. Target share isn't there consistently, he sucked the 2nd half of the season, and single handedly sunk my season with his no catch performance in week 13. Lost because he couldn't get 3 yards. Not touching him unless he falls two or three rounds
  3. It actually happened this year. Lamar was QB1 and Baltimore statistically had the best defense the last 12 weeks of the season
  4. I'm one of them. Coupled with Ingram, Evans, and Parker. It was a fun year
  5. Learned that no matter how good your team is, luck is still the huge factor. Lost in the 1st round of a 10 man ppr league with Wilson, Mccaffery, Carson, Thomas, Godwin, Parker, and Henry. Its too much detail to get into explaining, but I had the bye through week 11. Two narrow losses (2nd high score both weeks) costed me, and a slow week in the playoffs did me in. A rough two week stretch destroyed a great season
  6. Same. Watch the games and you'll see Perriman was getting targeted even when Evans was still healthy. Thrusted into a starting role against an awful team it wasn't a hard decision to play the man. I'm glad I did
  7. Aj Green was an 8th round pick. If he sank your team, you had bigger problems after the draft
  8. You actually going to have the balls to start him Week 16 or 17? He's a wasted roster spot at this point
  9. You won't hear much of anything on Tuesday. Same as every other week
  10. Because Sanders hadn't done crap in close to a month and had a tough matchup. I made the same call, and now need Tate to outscore Barkley by 7. FML
  11. Perhaps he injured it further trying to play through it...