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  1. Down three touchdowns, let's run the ball. Bunch of idiots
  2. Nvm. They're using him as a blocker 🤦‍♂️
  3. Three 1st and goal opportunities for Cincinnati from the 1 yard line. We get a throw (ended up as an INT) then two QB sneaks. Why even have Gio on the field then 🙄
  4. This entire post was a really awful take
  5. Who's everyone grabbing as the handcuff, Hasty or Wilson? Mckinnon will get hurt, so I'm trying to get out in front of that and stash the next man up until Mostert returns
  6. Need Murray to hold a 30 point lead vs Hopkins and Eliiot in PPR. Don't feel great tbh
  7. Tea leaves showed Burton was in a good position to produce this weekend. No Cox and a quarterback that loves to throw to his TE. Burton had 6 targets last week. No one should be surprised he produced. Obviously the rushing touchdown was an added bonus for us that started him, but i wouldn't say your opponent playing Burton was some sign of him not trying and just getting lucky
  8. I felt this. Lucky i got a 30 point lead, but if those three miss extended time, my season is pretty much done
  9. Because he's a boundary corner. He doesn't follow guys into the slot, which is where Godwin predominately works. I'd be curious to see how many times Alexander was on Godwin today, because it wasn't much.
  10. Kenny is back, and Alexander won't shadow Godwin, as much as I wish he would. He'll likely spend the day against Evans, especially if King can't play. I'd be playing Godwin over Woods without hesitation. GB/TB is going to be a shootout
  11. Best chance to buy low was last week. This is your last chance. Dudes 2nd half schedule is easy as hell
  12. I wouldn't. Quality RB depth is hard to find and Sanders schedule REALLY opens up in two weeks. Sit tight