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  1. Sounds to me like a salty Cousins and cook owner who is gonna hold an L all week
  2. Game got out of hand too early. Good news is it’s his hardest game left out of the schedule. And he outsnapped Murray 59-6. Better days ahead and an amazing playoff schedule
  3. Tate gonna be in the slot going against PJ Williams. PJ Williams grades out as the 182 of 187 CB in the league via PFF.
  4. Last week for trades in many leagues. Any opinions?
  5. He just tweeted “I think it’s safe to say, it’s time to pass the sticks...???”
  6. Chris Conley could be an interesting add with news to Sammy Watkins
  7. Anyone know where that LA Fitness was? Pittsburgh?
  8. Traded away - Kamara and Trequan Recieved - Beckham and David Johnson
  9. 10-12 touches in the Steelers offense is still almost better than a lot of RB2s this year. That’s assuming it’s 50/50 split coming back. I assume he will post RB2 numbers still with minimal touches.
  10. This whole thread sounds like a “my dad can beat your dad up” depending on if you drafted Bell or not. Rather good material to read while taking a #2
  11. Not sure how to post tweets. I got it on the sleepbot app as well
  12. Sony is active and present at practice today
  13. We will never forget the day panthers528 called this. This will go down in the history books. Move over Joe Namath guarantee, say hello to panthers528 “mark my words!!”
  14. Must be fun playing in 4 man leagues
  15. I find it hard to believe he won’t be playing for Steelers at all. He can just get tagged for the same amount next year for the same price