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  1. Will be finishing runner up for 4th time in 5 years after my team sh!ts the bed in the final. Every year it’s the same story.... reg season champ with most points scored and then lose the final week, usually to a 5 or 6 seed. FF is a joke. Lose Dalvin and Jacobs and then Nuk Allen and Lockett were a disaster this week. Seriously may be my final year playing FF. This game just comes down to luck, period.
  2. Of course Nuk would put up a dud in the finals..
  3. Not when Gurley Allen Cook and Nuk were keepers from a few years of smart drafting. The topic doesn’t say anywhere it had to be redraft 😛
  4. Wow, am I the only one who drafted well?! Aside from streaming DST, I still have everyone on my roster I drafted, plus added DWash and Boone over the past few weeks cuz of the Jacobs and Cook injuries. Here’s my squad, in case you’re wondering... Jameis Nuk Keenan Lockett Gurley DCook Jacobs Waller Hooper McLaurin Gallup AJ Brown Lindsay Hyde Lutz (and now Wash and Boone). Brown Hyde and McLaurin were all end of the draft lotto tickets.
  5. If anyone is in the championship with Fitz as a QB option, they must have a killer rest of the roster. Actually, being able to win with any dolphins should be commended.
  6. You get to be called a shutdown CB when you have an island named after you. Ramsey is probably the closest in the game right now though.
  7. Man, this game feels more like TNF.. I realize the O-Line sucks, but Mayfield still has not impressed me in the slightest through 2 3/4 games.....I really should just drop him for Danny Jones and start dropping some dimesss..
  8. Jacobs, Ridley, Hollywood having nice days in my lineup. Lindsay, Dorsett, Freeman on my bench. This is why I hate/love fantasy....
  9. Back of his jersey name will be “SHE HATE HIM”.
  10. A wanna-be G, maybe. I'm sure he'll respond on Twitter if we ask him, the guy can't keep his fingers off his phone.
  11. Yeah, let's get personal....nice job there, buddy. I guess I deserved that since I only agreed with you 98% and not 100%.
  12. So, if I'm a reporter, I can just call up the NFL and say this is true and they should believe me, right? You're missing my point. The league needs to validate this is true too, you see how the media can be less than trustworthy with all the politics of today. Again, it won't take much, but the NFL needs to be thorough too.
  13. I've read it, thanks. The NFL needs to confirm it too, not just the lawyer and her client. FWIW, I believe it's AB, but we have to wait and see.
  14. All your opinion, probie, which means nothing to the NFL, who cares right now about their image, not waiting to see whether any laws have been broken. AB (already under investigation in a separate incident) is not helping matters with any new alleged actions, which if true, continue to add to the PR hit against the league. It's not going to take much to prove it's AB's phone. If/when that happens, 'buh bye.
  15. Whether any of this is actually true or not, certainly everyone can agree that AB is a buffoon for not laying low when he's already been accused of things and the NFL is looking into it. Whether you think the group text is threatening/intimidating/(insert adjective), it's definitely poor judgement. I mean, come on...did you have to post pics of the lady's kids and include her on the group chat where you want your boys to 'investigate'? How else should she interpret that? If you don't understand this, become a parent and then come back here and post. Again, we don't know for sure it was even him that sent the message, but the girl's lawyer seems to be able to prove it's the same phone# he used previously when he was interacting with his client. I don't think it's going to take much here for the NFL to exempt this moron, which means you better be making other plans for your WR spot on your fantasy team. The dude's ego is destructive, he just can't help himself.