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  1. Drop Metcalf for Allen? I don't have a lot of Metcalf on my teams so I may be undervaluing, but he's the player I would be most willing to cut to make room on your bench.
  2. Seems like a no brainer to make the deal. Ertz is going to tear it up these next few weeks.
  3. Thanks, been leaning that way. Only considering cause I have Engram.
  4. Trade - I think that is a solid offer. I think Landry's value is on the rise... I might consider holding. I've had Olsen the last couple seasons and have been disappointed so I might have some bias. I prefer J Cook
  5. Are there any decent QBs on the waiver wire? I don't think I would do either. I do like the second better if you think Tyreek is going to come back and be a top 5 receiver. Mixon looks like an upgrade for you.
  6. Receive: Julio Jones & Phillip Lyndsey Trade: Zach Ertz & Amari Cooper My Roster Starter: RB Aaron Jones RB James Conner WR Amari Cooper WR Stephon Diggs TE Zach Ertz RB/WR/TE FLEX: Marquise Brown Bench: TE Evan Engram WR Nelson Agholor RB Tony Pollard RB Alexander Mattison RB Kallen Ballage
  7. Spot is open. Must be paid today. LeagueSafe does not allow payments past 9/18. Email me at
  8. Team also has Emmanuel Sanders. I'm still waiting on payment for last spot. Anyone interested let me know. I won't be holding the unpaid spot much longer.
  9. Team is 1-1. DomT told me he was taking the team, but I'm still waiting on LeagueSafe payment. Shot you an email
  10. You should reach out the commish and make sure he is aware.
  11. Shot you an email. Also sent you an ESPN invite. Please let me know ASAP.
  12. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but sure seems to be a scam. LeagueSafe needs to be made aware. Payment deadlines are 9/18
  13. Hey everyone, I've been running a league 6+ years and this season one member (1 of 2 that weren't returning from last season) had his e-check fail and then refused to make payment. This user is NBARLOTTA. He frequents the boards and joins a lot of leagues. I hope this isn't a pattern. This appears to be an intentional scam. We are looking to find a person to replace him as an owner. The buy in was for $300. I need to discuss with other members if they are willing to offer a discount. Team - Dak Prescot, Damien Williams, Matt Breida, Tyreek Hill, Julio Jones, Julian Edelman, Tyrell Williams, Sony Michel, Phillip Lindsay, Trey Burton & more. It's a 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR TE Flex D K league. Please email me at