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  1. 12 team 2 keeper .5ppr I’m picking 4th first round. Snake draft. Julio-1stKelce-2ndSanders-4thConner-16thRounds I listed are the rounds I would lose for each keeper. Also the 3 teams ahead of me have to choose to keep 1.Adams2.Mixon3.TyreekWhich would cost them all a firstAlso how would you rank who’s available for my pick at 4, after keeping (whoever you choose) I’ll put the 3 players from the other teams on this list too, Incase one falls to meAdamsJulioTyreekMixonCEHKelceKittleGodwinGurley
  2. The rounds I listed are the correct rounds.4th* 16th*
  3. and I’s CEH in that category for you? As he is now being ranked as high as top 6 and going first round now? Or would take Kelce over him
  4. Reasoning? Also a lot of rbs will be kept. After CEH will be guys like Gurley/Fournette
  5. I could end up with the first and even if the second. Who do you choose between CEH and Kelce?
  6. Why Kelce easily? I could keep Conner for a 16th and Draft Kelce/Kittle right back and still have my second round pick. If I keep Kelce I lose my second round pick. As I will likely have the first or second pick in the draft. The guy that owns Tyreke Hill either keeps him or lets him go to grab the first pick in the draft
  7. I’ve gotten a lot of Sanders/Conner and a lot of Sanders/Kelce. Looks like I will Likely have the first pick(possibly 2nd) after who I believe will be kept. Top available would be Kelce and CEH if I didn’t keep Kelce. If I’m picking second top available would be CEH,Hill,Kelce depending on who he selects first
  8. You realize that the team that owns Kittle could very well keep him? I’m not the only team that’s able to keep 2 players. Every team 12x2=24 players being kept before the drafts starts
  9. It’s .5 and I listed how many teams above^ 12*
  10. What 2 would you keep? 12 team 2 keeper league. Lose the 1 round in front of where said player was drafted previous year. I’ll be picking 4th in each round. The rounds next to players im listing are already the one round ahead of last year. Juju-1st Kelce-2nd Sanders-4th Conner-16th I haven’t gone through yet and tried to guess what teams will keep who.
  11. Scarbrough could have heavy usage today. Mainly the only guy I’m debating. Hearing Jordan Howard could be back this week
  12. I have to win and hope for some losses to make the playoffs. Playing the guy in first place this week. .5ppr who to start in my flex? My Team QB-Kyler WR-Julio WR-JUJU WR-Golden RB-Snell RB-Melvin Gordon TE-Kelce Flex-Miles Sanders Bench RB-Conner RB-Jaylen Samuels RB-Devonta Freeman QB-Carr WR-Curtis Samuel WR-Fuller RB-Scarbrough