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  1. Thanks for mine. Drop Goedert. I can’t imagine when you’d want to start him over Andrews other than his bye week.
  2. Should I pick up and start jimmy Graham this week vs the giants or stay with Gesicki vs Buffalo? I don’t want to overreact to one bad week but Buffalo is a rough matchup and Mitch was looking for Graham in the red zone last week.
  3. I may do that deal in a week or two, because I think you definitely need a WR upgrade, especially in a league that starts 3. But I also feel like Drake is a more valuable commodity than Cooper right now, and I’d work to get a little bit of a better deal if you can. You got 3 top RBs, which means some teams got none. Maybe work waivers for a week or two, and look to see who which of the owners that own Michael Thomas, Adams, Julio etc May be desperate for RB help. I think Cooper for Drake is fair enough, but the RB pool is a so shallow, Drake gets a pretty good value bump.
  4. I think jeudy. Raiders have a lot of mouths to feed over there. They drafted Edwards and Bowden along with Ruggs, Williams is going to try and play through his injury, Renfrow, Waller, Jacobs. I think Jeudy just has a better shot of having a bigger role in the offense.
  5. 12 team 1/2 pt PPR start 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 flex QB -Deshaun Watson RB -Josh Jacobs, Kenyan Drake, David Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, Duke Johnson Latavius Murray WR - DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, Sterling Shepard, Alshon Jeffrey, Larry Fitzgerald TE -Mike Gesicki Wanted a little better TE, but didnt fall that way in the draft, you know how it goes. Took the RB depth and maybe sacrificed a true #1 WR, but only have to start 2 WR in this league, and if I need to upgrade there or at TE, I think I have enough trade chips at RB to make a move. Open to any suggestions critiques. Thanks all!
  6. 10 team standard scoring, 6 pt passing TD. 1st pick QB - Mahomes RB - Barkley, Jacobs, Latavius Murray, Guice, James White, Drake WR - Evans, Diggs, Ridley, Valdez-Scantling, Golden Tate TE- Cook Haven’t played in a league without some PPR scoring in years, this is a work league. I figured in this scoring format it was worth taking Mahomes at the 2-3 turn. With 6 pts per passing TD, only -1 for INT, and no PPR scoring, I feel like his worth is pretty high.
  7. I would. Then draft your #2 QB in the third round.
  8. First round I’d grab Mahomes if he’s there(he probably won’t be). If not, Barkley is likely also gone, so I’d grab either Kamara or McCaffrey in full PPR. 2nd round, if you got Mahomes get the best available WR/RB and grab your second QB early in the 3rd round. If you didn’t get Mahomes in the 1st, you have to get one in the 2nd. 3rd round, get your 2nd QB either way. After that, best available WR/RB to fill your lineup. Look for a good value at TE, but I wouldn’t weaken your WR/RB depth by chasing one of the top 3 TEs unless they drop. When you see about 22-24 QBs go, look to grab your 3rd QB. Don’t need a stud, someone in that Carr, Dalton, Foles, Mariota tier to cover bye weeks or injuries. You may have to grab that guy around round 5. It’s really tough to see how these leagues go in drafts. But I’ve been weak in a 2QB league and it’s awful. You need to have your 2 starters set by the end of round 3 IMO.
  9. QB - Brees, Trubisky RB - Mixon, Coleman, Murray, McCoy, Richard, Bernard. WR - Adams, Edelman, AJ Green, Moncrief, Doctson TE - Kittle We start 2 WR instead of 3 so I don’t think I’m too thin at WR, especially once Green comes back. RBs are a little light I think, but they were going like crazy(14 in first 2 rounds), so after I got Mixon the value wasn’t great. Not sure if I should keep Trubisky but teams were drafting QBs like crazy(two guys ended up drafting 3 of them) and just felt like I needed one late in case something happens to Brees.
  10. It’s funny, you drafted Jones first out of your RBs and the next 3 you drafted may all be better and more productive by season’s end. I don’t think your RB situation is too bad. Jacobs is going to be a bell cow in Oakland and has a chance to be pretty good. Murray in NO should be fine and get plenty of touches, like Ingram has for years. And Carson broke out as the true #1 in Seattle last year. Your team doesn’t look flashy, but you should put up plenty of points, especially when green comes back.
  11. 12 team points league. We have one closer spot and 6 “pitcher” spots so we can start as many closers as we want. I’m typically starting 2-3 every week depending on my double starts and starter matchups. I have Yates, Chapman, Shane Greene, and Iglesias. Yates is the #2 pitcher in my league, starter or reliever, but I fear him getting moved at the deadline and ending up a setup or situational reliever instead of a true closer. My team is loaded and 11-1 on the year. My really only weaknesses are SP depth and 1B. Would you hang on to him and just hope he doesn’t get moved or try get an elite starter or 1B back from a team weak at closer?
  12. 12 team Points league. Pretty standard offensive lineups and scoring but pitching we start 7. One RP spot and 6 pitcher spots. We can start as many relievers as we want. This year while everyone else was loading up on double start possibilities in the mid rounds, I just kept taking closers. Got amazing value out of my top starters as well. As of right now I have 5 of the top 7 scoring pitchers in the league with Verlander, Ryu, Strasburg as starters and Yates and Shane Green as closers. I also start Aroldis Chapman every week who is just outside the top 25 in pitcher scoring. Question is do I roll with these guys, or try and sell high on one to upgrade elsewhere. My offense isn’t bad either so not sure if I should try and run this roster to the end. Only positions I’m really weak at are 1B and 2B. Would you roll with what you had or try to upgrade one of the weak spots? C- Contreras 1B - Moreland/Dietrich 2B - McNeil/LeMahieu 3B - Rendon SS - Story OF - Harper OF - Conforto OF - Jimenez/Dietrich U - Justin Turner Thanks for any advice
  13. 12 team H2H points league. Well over a decade with the same crew. Like so many points leagues, starting pitching goes fast and teams fill their entire bench with every starter they can fit. This year I decided I was trying something different and try to get a few top starters, but then instead of getting as many of those middling starters after round 4 or 5, draft a ton of relievers, unless someone dropped value-wise. Our league starts 7 pitchers, one RP spot and 6 P spots so you could start as many relievers as you want. I tried to target relievers with clear paths to a set closer role, since 10 points for saves is what I’m banking on. Also it had the effect of taking some relievers from others in my league that would be using them I feel like my pitching staff top to bottom is as good as any in my league. And I was able to draft a really strong offense(outside of a couple of weak spots). Question is do you guys think this is a viable tactic for the entire season, or should I look to move a reliever to get another established starter? I’ll post my full team for an idea of what I have to work with. I’m currently 3-0 and 2nd in the league in total points(11 points from the top team). C- Wilson Contreras 1B - Mitch Moreland, Miguel Cabrera(waiver watching) 2B - Jeff mcneil 3B - Anthony Rendon SS - Trevor Story OF - Bryce Harper OF - Michael Conforto OF - Eloy Jimenez U - Justin Turner SP - Justin Verlander, Stephen Strasburg, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Sonny Gray, Robbie Ray, Brett Anderson, Ross Stripling RP - Aroldis Chapman, Rasiel Iglesias, Felipe Vazquez, Kirby Yates, Shane Greene,
  14. Yeah he’s worth it. Sure there are risks, but what other bat with his upside are you holding out for? Especially with 3 DL spots, you can stash him and just wait until he comes back and then you have a stud 1B/2B.