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  1. K'd Carlos Santana and Franco on nasty changeups today. That pitch could potentially take Archer to the next level.
  2. Currently in round 14, 11th pick. 1st year draft, 16 teams H2H points system 10 keepers league on fantrax. Rate, any thoughts? C - empty 1B - Carlos Santana 2B - empty 3B - Justin Turner SS - Manny Machado (will move him to SS after 10 games) 3 OF - AJ Pollock, Ryan Braun, Michael Conforto, David Dahl, Michael Brantley 2 UTL - Evan Longoria, other OFs SP - Jacob DeGrom, Chris Sale, Sonny Gray, Blake Snell, Alex Wood, Jimmy Nelson RP -Cody Allen Prospects - Will Smith, Jake Bauers, Brandon McKay, Kelvin Gutierrez, Corey Ray Brent Honeywell, Matt Manning, Riley Pint, Alex Faedo
  3. League Constitution for The Defector’s League League Website: I. Buy-In & Prizes 1.1 $50 per owner 1.2 $800 in prize pool; 1st place: $450, 2nd place: $250, 3rd place: $75, Winner of losing bracket: $25 II. Draft Details 2.1 For the inaugural drafts, the draft order will be randomized. The draft order will be reversed between the MiLB and MLB drafts. For example, the owner awarded the first overall pick in the MLB draft, will have the last pick in the first round during the MiLB draft. 2.2 Each season thereafter, the draft order will be the reverse of the final standings from the previous season. MiLB and MLB draft order will be the same. The last place finishing team will have the first pick in each draft. 2.3 All drafts will be snake drafts. 2.4 The MiLB draft will occur first, followed by the MLB draft. 2.5 First year players and international players that have been posted after each year’s draft are not eligible to be acquired throughout the season. They will be added to the MiLB draft pool for the off-season draft. For example, Hunter Greene was drafted by the Reds this summer. He was not eligible to be added to a roster until the upcoming MiLB draft. III. Tanking 3.1 We understand the incentive to better your draft pick if your team has fallen out of the playoff hunt. However, each owner will still be required to maintain a full starting roster every day, as this would not interfere with a prospect centered team strategy/rebuild. 3.2 Any actions to intentionally tank your team, such as moving all players to your bench, leaving players on the IR/in the MiLB slots, or extended inactivity may be grounds for removal of the owner with no refund of league entry fees. Any suspicious activity can and will be reviewed by the Commissioners to determine if any action is necessary. This is not done to punish owners, but many of us have played in leagues were teams fighting for a playoff spot get a “free win” because of a tanking owner deliberately conceding the matchup in one way or another. IV. Keepers & Compensation Picks 4.1 Up to 10 MiLB & 10 MLB Keepers 4.2 MiLB can stay in a minor slot throughout the season even after exceeding the 50IP/130AB limitations. Any MiLB that has exceeded these limitations at season’s end can only be kept with a MLB slot going into the next season. 4.3 If an owner chooses not to utilize all 10 of their keeper slots going into the draft, they will be awarded compensatory picks to ensure that they will complete the draft with a full roster. These picks will occur at the end of each draft round. For example, if an owner elects to keep only 8 MLB players, they are awarded two compensation picks. One after the first round and one after the second round. 4.4 The deadline for declaring both MiLB and MLB keepers will be 1 week before the MiLB draft. V. Trade Deadline will be week 18 of the regular season Commissioners Bryce, Sam, Rich & Jay We're searching for experience owners, i believe we have about FOUR spots left to be filled. We have a league chat on GROUPME, Very convenient to communicate, discuss baseball & get deals done! Email me at for any questions & interest !
  4. Very good season thus far for this guy. 140 wRC+ 3.4 fWAR Wil Myers 2015: 3.8 fWAR 115 wRC+ 2016: 0.6 fWAR 106 wRC+
  5. Thus far having a solid outing against Red Sox. Veteran presence on the mound.
  6. This guy won't be the pitcher he needs to be until he begins to work with his changeup. He's throwing the slider way too much, begins to lose control on the fastball & also becomes predictable. He needs to work on the change up & mix things up. He has all the potential to be top 10 pitcher.
  7. His game is kind of like Odorrizi's, setting up the split-change with the high fastball. Not 95+ mph but live fastball that gets swing & misses.
  8. He's back. Replacing Andriese, Called up to start Tuesday vs Blue Jays.
  9. 12 groundballs so far & 6 K's. Really good outing & in line for the W.