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  1. He’s been so good as far as yardage, just 2 more tds and he’d be a clear and solid RB1 last month. That’s basically what he is as long as this usage continues: 15-18 carries, goal line work (though they do get pass happy down there maybe because he’s so small) and 4-6 catches a game is just elite workload
  2. What are you thinking? This is some of the worst fantasy thinking I’ve ever seen
  3. I’m sorry what in the world are you talking about?
  4. Categories goals and assists count for 1.5, so 15 points if you lead the league and 1.5 if you are in last everything else is just 1 Dribbles tackles clean sheets blocked shots and for goalies saves points prospects are any players under 23 with less than 20 games played and are in your academy, can keep them for free. Also have 6 keepers at draft pick cost. should be a simple, yet strategic way of playing fantasy soccer. Message me here or reply if interested
  5. -Dynasty NL-Only Start Up -ESPN -10 teams -Can keep your entire roster, first keeper is at cost, 2nd keeper costs $1 more, 3rd keeper costs $2 more than 2019 price, and on and on. -Roto league with TB/OBP instead of HR/AVG -26 man rosters: 7 starting pitchers, 11 starting hitters, 8 bench spots. -Auction draft on March 24th PM for more info
  6. this is impossible that you are this thick. Jameis may be better, but there is no possible way the offense can be opened up more than it was the first 3 games. how do you not understand this. were you not awake those weeks? here you go, this is called an open offense. unless you think Jameis will throw for 500 per game while averaging 15 per attempt, then your posts make sense. otherwise they are some of most infantile thinking you'll see here
  7. you honestly think that defenses were just packing the box against him because he is bad? he played like the best QB in history for 2 games and you think at no point did anyone think "hey maybe we should play the pass". but now that marginally above replacement Jameis is in (who is actually less mobile) defenses will suddenly leave super light boxes? how are there real people saying such nonsense. Jones may run well but it's not because defenses were packing the box as Fitz passed better than any player in history on them
  8. of course not, but the idea that Winston will come in and jumpstart some stagnant offense is comical in it's blockheadedness. the Bucs offense was literally the story of the season at first and people in here are acting like they are the Cowboys...like they had 1300 yards of passing in 3 games or something historic
  9. there is no way defenses were daring him to throw after the first series of the season. the team literally cannot get better on offense, it's an insane asylum in here: no QB ever was performing at a higher level than Fitz and you guys think Jameis Winston, who has been mediocre throughout his career, is going to make defenses respect the pass? some complete stupidity. it's fine to think Jameis might be a better player, but he will never play better than Fitz was playing in weeks 1-3, defenses were not crowding the box daring them to throw when he was playing at an unseen level ever
  10. this is incredible. I've never seen such blockheadedness...the offense was as open as is possible. Jameis can't move at all, he's hard to bring down like Big Ben but you are talking about some sort of offensive play where the defense accounts for Jameis running lol? when the passing game is playing at essentially never seen before in the NFL levels, the offense is open. simple as that. if you don't understand that, you don't understand a single thing about football
  11. incredible. have you watched these guys play ever? Fitzpatrick is much more mobile than Winston, and averages more rushing yards per game than Winston does in his career with no drop off this season. and if Fitz couldn't make throws, it wasn't slowing him down as he was hitting deep passes at a truly historic rate as the bucs passed better than arguably any team in history weeks 1-3. just take the L man, your post was the worst post anyone will ever see here
  12. this is the most preposterous comment I've ever seen on this board. The offense "should open up" due to Winston. have you not paid any attention to the Bucs this season? Fitz was playing at an unheard of level and gashing D's, he was throwing for 400 YPG.
  13. very cold, snowy game. could the game script lean heavy run as Bears are 7 point favorite with over/under of 38. last week he salvaged his game when Trubisky threw tons of passes late
  14. good option this week for people looking for ceiling? I mean he had that one game