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  1. Benched Jameis and probably would’ve won for sure if I started him... wentz still yet to play but doubtful he scores 5 TDs
  2. Welp, at least I have Tevin Coleman to fil...... 😶
  3. Great game, but game script was about as bad as it gets, could’ve been so much better if it was in his favor
  4. This is a great debate for those of us that will be starting Lamar in 2025, but how about a little bit of a shorter term question... how do we think he does against the 49ers this week?
  5. We kinda know what we have in Dorsett already, and it’s about a mid WR3
  6. Looks like Sanu out a few weeks, and the patriots WRs are struggling mightily, especially in the red zone. Anything to see here?
  7. Once again, not pretty but getting it done in the points department
  8. It is what it is.. just traded for him as my WR3, so I'll take whatever I can get
  9. Carroll says he has a “severe lower leg contusion”