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  1. Probably the case. Unfortunately the Mike Davis handcuff is really not paying off the past two weeks.
  2. Same injury as Mixon. Welcome to the club, fellas!
  3. Just wanted to pop in and say I thought it was funny that Pete Carroll came out as soon as the SEA game ended and said Carson has a mid foot sprain, and we can’t get a word out of Zac Taylor about Mixon with the same injury
  4. Jeff Wilson comes in last second to ruin the hype... Tevin Coleman going to do it next week lol.
  5. This is simply not true at all, lol. Please share a source
  6. I mean lisfranc = foot sprain... lol. But they can be mild
  7. so he’s either back next week or after the bye
  8. Giants loss + Engram drops has to make his chances of being traded higher
  9. Source on the song being Dancing Queen??? Can’t just make a claim like that without evidence, this is an important piece to the puzzle.
  10. I just can’t believe we don’t know what the injury is yet. Foot is so vague
  11. Ah... not feeling good about this one. All signs point to a lisfranc injury. Even if it’s minor, sounds like Mixon would miss at least a few weeks.
  12. I’m not positive, but if it was lisfranc I don’t believe he would be standing on it.
  13. The exact quote from Zac Taylor was “No update yet, but I’ll get you that update when I’m 100% sure of what’s going on” That makes me a bit more nervous. Seems like it could be a second opinion situation.
  14. I’m not concerned about him missing a Wednesday practice by any means. I’m concerned that it’s Wednesday and they have “no update” on his injury.