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  1. G...,,who will be the goto this week? Nkeal Harry?
  2. Agreed. Although, if anymore positive test pop up then I would be surprised the game is played. This would be against the protocol the NFL has with Covid situations. If they go against protocol still, its a bad look. imo . We must not ignore the fact that the NFL and Teams had to Convince these players that they are taking every saftey step for them not to contract covid before players felt comfortable with opting in. The league and teams still have a saftey responsibly for all out outbreaks.. but yes, the players cant sue the league.
  3. The league still has a responsibility to keep or atleast try to keep them safe. Just because they opted in doesn't mean it's every man for himself.
  4. If the game is played then its all about$$$$$ and not the Safety of players AND their families.
  5. This guys career has been basically a career wasted on suspension.Needs to just retire at this point. he is slow now anyways.
  6. Golladay been "injured" all year. Keeping nice n fresh for offseason contract negs.
  7. Meet your new Future Patriots 2021 QB.
  8. From Patriot Place