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  1. No, I was kidding. In reality, IF he does leave I’m still a Brady fan and hope he does well but of coarse if they play the Pats im 100% patriots and hope they destroy him lol
  2. If he leaves NE im cancelling my TB12 membership.
  3. Franchise Kenyon Drake.... Never thought I would hear the franchise bomb and the name Kenyon Drake together. What a sad organization...
  4. I’m not impressed with Zion Williamson. Yet. I was impressed with Lebron on day 1
  5. Deebo will be great wr2 producer next year.
  6. Y join the raiders? Money. Thats it. Thats literally the only Pro joining the raiders. Unless Brady is only caring about Money I see no other reason to join the Raiders. Their supporting cast is not better than the Patriots... their defense is horrid. and the system is pop warner. nothing special.
  7. Brady has more Rushing yards , recieving yards, rushing Td's, passing td's, passing yards than Manning. Brady also has more SB appearances and wins...and more clutch factor than manning. Why is this still a debate? lol Pretty sure Brady beats Marino and Rodgers in most of those stats also but im too lazy to look those up as well right now.
  8. The earth is round. We have space orbiters that can see how round earth is. Duh
  9. I dont get why Fitzy is laughing at the post. trying to figure that out..
  10. He just needs to...somehow...get on a team that will give him a shot and with a "normal" NFL offense system.