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  1. Edit
  2. Raise those Millions You can Donate anything at
  3. I was clearly being sarcastic... Gordons finished..
  4. Its good to know someone pays more attention to my posts than I do. haha
  5. everytime I watch that play I chuckle.
  6. I think that if Gordon is reinstated and is finally able to smoke weed again Just before gametime he will be back to his great self.
  7. Seems like each chapter in this book starts and ends the same way...
  8. I have been pumping up Hines as soon as RIVERS arrived in Indy. Thebnews that now the COACH is saying Hines will be heavily involved in the offense..especially the passing game with check down Rivers in at QB only Solidifies my expectation that Hines WILL ball out this year in PPR. BUY NOW IN DYNASTY and redrafts! I will take Hines later in drafts over Eckeler (wayyyy overvalued without RIVERS)
  9. Indeed. They didnt sign an Elite Pass catching rb for nuttin. PPR beast when Healthy.
  10. Things are opening up too early and people are over staying home and want to socialize with people in person in close proximety. The virus hasnt even gone away and still seeing alot of new confirmed new cases....with not much of a downward trend... So, yea, everything will open up only to shut down again because we opened up too early. I give the NFL SEASON NOT MAKING IT PAST WEEK 3 BEFORE SHUTTING DOWN because our foolish president rushed opening things up too early.
  11. Hmmm Kamara should just ask Melvin Gordon if it's worth holding out. How'd that play out for ya buddy? Did ya get all that money you wanted? Nope..... And to hold our to save from injury is dumb. It only take one game to break a leg whether its week 1 or 12..
  12. Overvalued - Eckeler . Rivers is a check down to his RB king. ... and hes Gone. Enter Tyrod who will run with it instead..... Undervalued - Allen Robinson. Robinson was good with fricken Trubisky....Imagine what Robinson will accomplish with a real QB.....
  13. I like...I would prolly swap Godwin and Hopkins though.
  14. Hyde signing will Destroy Sanders ' fantasy RB1 Glory this year. Hyde was good last year.