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  1. Oh and Ravens lose again next year in the DIV round.
  2. Watson to the Niners, Garropolo to the Patriots, Cam Newton signs with the Texans
  3. Watson.... Either a Dolphin or Patriot next year....
  4. Feels good to see the Ravens fall on their face. As expected. Oh. and Lamar is overrated.
  5. Rams 21, GB 24 Bills 27, Ravens 24 Chiefs 38, Browns 21 Saints 40, Patriots 42
  6. Um.....why isnt Ronald Jones playing?? nm just found out he is glass
  7. He will be back with the Pats. If the pats can somehow get better WR and TE help it helps......alot IMO.
  8. Hope he goes to Patriots next year so that he can show NKeal Harry what a real WR1 be like.
  9. Give the patriots better wideouts and tightend and DHar will have a bigger year next year. Opposition wont be expecting the run as much as they did this year. Stud
  10. 1 week wonder like Jakobi Meyers. Its a trap
  11. Man, and I was told/thought Tua was some awesome super accurate passing QB.... what the hell happened with that? dude sux
  12. Nothing. I dont like his future with that chiefs O.
  13. Depends who the QB is once Brees retires but if you can get him very cheap now then do it. I actually think he will be a good TE either way....
  14. I been holding Snell since week 1. For obvious reasons. I would continue to hold. That said, Connor has held up alot longer than I anticipated compared to past years though. Very surprising
  15. I bet alot of steelers players will have face coverings under their helmets.
  16. Ready to watch the Wednesday Hump Day Covid Bowl!
  17. Patriots should make a run for this guy in free agency
  18. From the "made of glass" status to "made of titanium"
  19. lol no one cares about the Broncos feelings apparently
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