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  1. Obviously I’m waiting and seeing what happens, but my league is losing their collective **** right now.
  2. I drafted Ja pretty high in a keeper league. Love his game IRL. His value is killed by lack of stocks. Is this a sign of things to come or is anyone bullish this will improve.
  3. This aged badly extremely quick. Let’s all hope Collins hits the ground running.
  4. Just jumped on the Windler wagon. Choo choo all aboard! Had to drop Trae.
  5. Just got on the party bus yesterday. Concussion tonight. Time to get off.
  6. Jordan McRae has been playing really well. Something to see here? I know nothing about this guy, but there is always opportunity on bad teams like the Wiz.
  7. according to this, Harden is not going to have a very good night tonight after yesterday Friday night in the second best strip club NBA city.
  8. Hamidou or Hamidounot, there is no Hamitry
  9. Just dropped the headache that is Justice Winslow for this guys sat/sun games. Hoping he makes me keep him beyond that.
  10. Double T reminds me of what Javale did early last year. While I’m loving the ride, I will definitely be selling high. Being up for a new contract also means he’s on a highly tradeable deal. High chance of him being moved to a worse situation.
  11. Just bought low (traded Isaiah Thomas). I actually think he’s going to be ok playing with Butler. Sometimes it takes time for guys to learn how to play together. He had a dud of a game in a blowout where he still got minutes. He’s a hold in 12 team leagues IMO.
  12. Dude could barely crack the rotation in Houston. Goes to a barren landscape of talent that was LA and thrives. Now that superstar NBA talent has arrived at the forward positions, I think the natural inclination would be to expect his numbers to dip. I actually don’t expect that to happen though. He produced in limited numbers last year and I think he’ll do the same again this year. He plays too hard and affects the team culture too much for Rivers not to play him in a similar roll this year. In fact, I think he has upside if he can start hitting 3s or shooting a better FT% which I think he is capable of.
  13. Davis Bertans hits 3 3pts a game, finishes top 50, and runs away with the MIP.
  14. He looks amazing in his preseason games so far. With his 3 and D potential, we could be looking at a big time breakout season.
  15. I’m high on Zu this season. He was a per minute stud last year as a 21 year old and now he’s coming into a consistent roll in better shape. Even with Harrell stealing minutes, I think we’re in for a good season with him. Targeting higher in keeper formats.