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  1. What I wouldn’t pay to see one more drop kick by AB, maybe to some one on the raiders or pats
  2. Dropped 2 weeks ago, he has not been startable this year.
  3. Bell and Fournette will play Madden against each other rest of the season....
  4. Easily best game of the year. Typically a sell high point
  5. They are literally the best red zone offense in the game
  6. Apparently he didn’t want to impact Perines confidence yesterday after a drop, so he brought in Ty Johnson...... literally that is his quote. this guy is an embarrassment. Jets are probably worse than most college teams at this point.
  7. The problem is that CEH is already RB14 without Bell on the most explosive offense in the league. This is underperformance. Bell will have an opportunity and this is an explosive offense with several playmakers opening up the field for him, i think if he has something left in the tank he can pretty much runaway with it. Jets were just so bad, its likely that there is plenty left in Bell still. Now conversely if Bell is toast, it will likely render both CEH and Bell non-startable imo. There is no way I see Andy Reid treating LeVeon like Adam Gase did in NYJ. I think CEH is a sell high just based on his performance and what is to follow.
  8. let me requote, Once Bell is upto speed the best case scenario is Mark Ingram without GL carries. 6-10 carries a game and hope for the best.
  9. quite the opposite, i think things are pointing to a Mark Ingram role without any GL carries. Not sure if you are following Ingram this year , its not a good situation.
  10. Literally how can any coach (non-Gase) consider having Bell on the bench on a passing down. Guy is a WR out of the backfield and is extremely good in pass protection. I dont see CEH on any 3rd downs once Bell is upto speed.
  11. I mentioned this earlier in the thread but its Bells receiving prowess that is going to destroy CEH's value.
  12. based on that tweet, miami is definitely not the destination here.