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  1. I am in the ‘My Opponent started Mike Boone Club’
  2. Guys it Tampa , December-March are always pretty mild weather, it’s not like it’s going to monsoon ..
  3. Whatever lessons i learnt, i will forget by next year anyway..
  4. question is whether the management/coaching staff thinks its better to invest in Holmes or Bagley or whether they can trade Holmes/Bagley later on in the season. I can see a situation where they give Holmes a full run in hopes of him being a trade chip. I am going to be frank, if i am team trying to improve my roster Holmes is a much more attractive trade candidate then say Kevin Love and a lot of others.
  5. 2 receptions for 10 yards in the first quarter and then browns just going to run it for most of the game
  6. I have to say i do like his sense of humor
  7. Those checkdowns to Henry and Ekeler going to make or break people's week
  8. NBA should stop drug testing during the season and probably stop testing a month before the season starts. That would solve this problem 😂
  9. i personally think a 3rd straight up or a 3rd and a 5th for OJ +6th
  10. No way anyone is giving up a first rounder for OJ now, if bucs were smart they would have fed him in the last 2 weeks
  11. We are witnessing the end of MG as the lead dog in the chargers
  12. I think the concern is that with DJ's injury history it seems likely that he is doesnt get healthy quickly and if you followed this whole sequence of events, things went from ok to bad to ugly. With zona getting two backups off the street, you gotta think things are pretty bad. I would say we dont see DJ for at least 3-4 weeks. 3-4 weeks can break a team struggling for the playoffs but a team who is 6-1 or 5-2 may want to trade for him if they have the depth.
  13. What is the expectation with him tonight ? Does GB just double cover him and win
  14. kinda been forgetten, i think he is the surprise pick of this week