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  1. Parker has showed he isnt wr1 material but you just dont know? he could ball out but id dump him for Gallop
  2. Honestly in a keeper situation I would figure you would have to give more to get talent like Barkley. It's very rare that a rb is the best prospect in the real NFL draft so definately pull the trigger and sleep easy.
  3. 12 Team full PPR QB Rusell Wilson RB David Johnson RB Christrain McCaffrey WR Demaryious Thomas WR Stefon Diggs TE OJ Howard Flex Lesean McCoy K Chris Boswell D Houston BENCH QB Derek Carr RB Chris Ivory RB James White WR Wil Fuller WR Devin Funchess WR Pierre Garcon TE Ricky Seals Jones Ok I know I'm giving up too much in my opinion but is it worth it to unload McCoy and not have to worry about a suspension? I think McCoy will be suspended but this thing really may take some time to play out and I think it could very well carry over to next season but thats simply a guess at this point. Of all the rookie RB's Guice may be my least favorite but I know a lot of people absolutely love him. I would also be getting Edleman who is suspended 4 games and sending Fuller packing who actually I think will be fantastic this year but I do have Funchess and Garcon to hold the fort untill Edleman gets back...This is a really tuff call for me ..Thoughts? ...Thanks in advance for the feedback
  4. I love Kamara so much I have no issues with you ranking him 2, Its whole different story pulling the trigger at 2 though. I was kinda down on DJ and had him ranked 5 on my big board to start the summer but as we get closer I have moved him up to 3 and I think he is going to have a big bounce back. I also think Bell is going to miss some games this year but there is still a very solid chance he wont and if thats the case i cant see how you can really pass on him at 2? but to each his own. If you feel that strong about Kamara do it.
  5. The Gurley trade is pretty bad if not terrible it makes no sene...it reeks of a big brother talking his little brother into something? If a trade was to be vetoed it should have been that
  6. I wouldnt at all be suprised if Keenan is WR #1 this year in PPR , Given he needs to score more to catch Brown and Nuk and thats why i have him ranked 3rd in all my leagues...very good trade for you
  7. I think the trade is very fair ...Green is a proven Stud with 3 to 4 elite level years left and as good as we all think Cook can be, he still has only played 4 or 5 games....But i can understand the frustration i wouldnt have made the trade either...But your Elliott/Kamara combo is as good as any in the league you should be contending this year
  8. Turner should get hot again i like him slightly more
  9. 12 Team PPR Auction QB. Patrick Mahomes Jamis Winston RB. Ezekiel Elliott RB Saquan Barkley WR Davante Adams WR Jordy Nelson FLX Desean Jackson/Michael Gallop TE OJ Howard/Autin Hooper K Justin Tucker D Ravens BENCH Corey Clemet Theo Riddick Dede Westbrook Question... I know my WR core is a bit thin after Adams(if Jordy can manage wr 2 numbers and Gallop wr 3 numbers I will have very nice team but that's just an if. Would you trade Barkley to get a stud WR and a decent RB or just stay put? Thanks
  10. HITTERS MLB POS INJ R HR RBI SB AVG FPTS Mar 29 C Jonathan Lucroy COL C 45 6 40 1 .265 272.5 @ARI 1B Eric Hosmer KC 1B 98 25 94 6 .318 517.0 CWS 2B Jose Altuve HOU 2B 112 24 81 32 .346 599.0 @TEX SS Francisco Lindor CLE SS 99 33 89 15 .273 561.5 @SEA 3B Anthony Rendon WSH 3B 81 25 100 7 .301 514.0 @CIN U Jake Lamb ARI 3B 89 30 105 6 .248 481.0 COL OF Khris Davis OAK LF 91 43 110 4 .247 489.5 LAA OF Ian Desmond COL LF 47 7 40 15 .274 224.5 @ARI OF George Springer HOU RF 112 34 85 5 .283 505.5 @TEX PITCHERS MLB POS INJ W ERA SV K WHIP FPTS SP Yu Darvish LAD SP 10 3.86 0 209 1.16 428.5 SF SP Danny Salazar CLE SP 5 4.28 0 145 1.34 217.5 @SEA SP Noah Syndergaard NYM SP 1 2.97 0 34 1.05 74.0 STL SP Jameson Taillon PIT SP 8 4.44 0 125 1.48 243.5 @DET SP Taijuan Walker ARI SP 9 3.49 0 146 1.33 320.0 COL RP Ken Giles HOU RP 1 2.30 34 83 1.04 377.5 @TEX RP Andrew Miller CLE RP 4 1.44 2 95 0.83 195.5 @SEA HITTERS MLB POS INJ R HR RBI SB AVG FPTS Todd Frazier NYY 3B 74 27 76 4 .213 392.5 @TOR Carlos Gonzalez COL RF 72 14 57 3 .262 332.5 @ARI Rougned Odor TEX 2B 79 30 75 15 .204 378.0 HOU PITCHERS MLB POS INJ W ERA SV K WHIP FPTS Felix Hernandez SEA SP 6 4.36 0 78 1.29 177.0 CLE Matt Shoemaker LAA SP 6 4.52 0 69 1.30 165.5 @O H2H 12 team league, havent played Baseball in a few years.....
  11. I have read on ton of posts on this thread comparing McCaffrey to Woodhead ,Everyone is lacking imagination. Just because Chris Mac and woodhead are both white I think. McC can flat out fly, And in my opinion he will have a great year
  12. Strictly from a fantasy perspective I feel Ben will have his best year as pro. The Weapons at his disposel is best in the NFL. Brown , Bryant and the addition of Ju-Ju Smith- Schuster and not to metion Bell , 4950 36 TD 's but dont be suprised if he go's 5000+ 40 +TD's
  13. With Bryant's restatement imminent I felt it was a good time to get some feed back on the ultra talented WR. Depending on what the hype train may or may not do he could represent incredible value .