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  1. I’m giving up Green and Drake for JuJu. I have Evans, Golladay, Tate, and Crowder at the WR position. Barkley, Jacobs, and Coleman at the RB position. Thoughts?
  2. I receive: Keenan Allen, Kamara, Calvin Ridley I trade away: Mike Evans, Barkley, Golladay. My signature hasn’t been updated, but I have Tate, AJG, and Sanders at the WR spots. RBs: Lindsay, Thompson, Drake, and Coleman. Thoughts?
  3. So Yeldon should be a good start today, huh? Scared with the scheme with the Jags and also Grant taking snaps, but this has to be a solid matchup.
  4. Jarius Wright and Smith seems like they're going to be pretty involved this year. Wright is a good WR, I hope no one thinks the dude is just some scrub Moore will overtake. Plus, his role isn't even going to affect Moore's much. I'm dropping Moore, I don't think he'll produce this year - anyone else?
  5. So many people seem to just say Ekeler's week was a fluke. Uhh, was he not one of the better backups all last season? Why can't he play a Sproles/Woodhead role complimentary to Melvin? Glad I picked this guy up just before 4 pm on Sunday. He's well worth the hold and is going to be a high-end RB2 if Gordon ever went down. How much better can you do in FA in a 12+ team league?
  6. I fully support Bell's plan to wait it out in order to secure a better payout this upcoming offseason, but his attitude towards this is, not even in the slightest, "great." Update your teammates at least. These guys aren't the ones responsible for your holdout, it's the FO's responsibility. When your brothers don't even know what's going on, and let's not act like Bell didn't hear the comments on Monday and Tuesday about how they're expecting Le'Veon to show up on Wednesday. The linemen probably should've been more cautious with making the situation worse, but if you can't understand their standpoint, then you just don't get it.
  7. Thanks for the answer, I have a core of Bell, Drake, Carson, Morris. Fell for Hilton a little too much and regretfully passed on CMC...
  8. Is he really giving you the option to choose? I’d send Robby in a heartbeat. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/716536-bell-and-graham-for-gronk-and-cook-5-ppr-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-8033870
  9. Keep Rex, and send the other two. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/716536-bell-and-graham-for-gronk-and-cook-5-ppr-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-8033870
  10. I was offered Gronk and Cook. Cannot decide for the life of me, with Bell maybe coming back tomorrow?
  11. Definitely Barber. He’ll share with Jizz, but better than going up against Minnesota being a early down back. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/716536-bell-and-graham-for-gronk-and-cook-5-ppr-whir-100/?tab=comments#comment-8033870
  12. How do we feel that Bell will finish the season? Will he still have enough production to even break top 10? I’m already thinking of next season, and thinking if he’ll even be a first rounder, or even ranked near where Cook, Fournette and possibly CMC would be ranked this time next year.
  13. Not a big fan of Baldwin this week, and Hogan is gonna feast on Sunday.