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  1. So, my leaguemates on here know me as a delusional homer, but I love Kirk as a player. Fantastic football character, a fantastic work ethic, and underrated talent. He played significantly better last year with a capable passer at QB (the kid he was with most of the season was the freshman equivalent of Josh Allen). I'm all in. Was my personal WR1 this year, although the part of my brain that listens to hivemind talked me into saying Moore was.
  2. Ryan Tannehill sustained a borderline WR1/WR2 for multiple years. You don't have to be Aaron Rodgers to throw to a good option. Keep in mind this time 14 months ago, we were saying the same thing about Goff.
  3. His average ADP is 39, or early 4th. Individual sites may vary, but that's what your average bear is going to pay for him. For reference, he's going on average 9 picks ahead of Russel Wilson.
  4. You're right. Forgot it was non-contact (which actually scares me more).
  5. I don't think the degree of success was sustainable. He got away with a lot, without teams having a significant chance to adjust. He got predictably hurt running around like he was still in college, and has flat out said he's not going to change his game. At QB, I don't want a league winner (at least, I don't want to pay league winner prices). I want to avoid spending too much capital on a guy who won't perform. With a ham sandwich catching the ball the majority of the time, Kirk Cousin matched Big Ben, and was within a PPG of Rodgers. Cheap top 8 QB (who has been remarkably consistent, and just got a talent upgrade around him) vs a guy with an unsustainable rate on a small sample size who is going twice as late. Jimmy G is projection. But he didn't do anything I don't think is sustainable. Once again, price makes it an easy preference. Matthew Stafford has been throwing for more than 4000 yards consistently since I've been a senior in college school. At half of Watson's cost, I'm once again taking the solid, reliable production.
  6. Had they made it, it would be in spite of Bortles rather than him guiding them. Which is fine. If you can play mistake free football and let your league leading defense and a ball control offense win it for you, you're set. That's how Peyton won his last one. But Bortles has a long history of not playing mistake free football.
  7. Fair enough. Although PPR + aging Eli, I could see that without looking at y'alls schedule.
  8. I don't think liking Barkley makes you a "truther." Typically, that's a contrarian position. Which Barkley love ain't. With that said, I expect a fabulous season
  9. The price isn't right though. Averaging the major sites, he's going as QB2. I would MUCH rather have Brees, Cousins, Jimmy G-sus, or Stafford at 65, 72, 83, or 85 respectively. I think all of those guys should be favored to finish ahead of Watson in fantasy points, but they're going twice as late.
  10. Because that should be a laughably unreasonable price for a sophomore with a handful of games, a terrible offensive line, who played in a style that historically does come with sophomore regression, who didn't display great fine accuracy, who couldn't work out for most of the offseason, and who got bailed out of an unusually high rate of turnover worthy throws. It's the same thing as Facebook's stock this week. It was priced for perfection. Anything less than unicorns, castles in the sky, and rainbows, and you don't get your value out of him. If everything goes perfectly right for Watson, he'll be worth that price. Things RARELY go perfectly right in football.
  11. You can't use one aspect of PFF grading and ignore the rest. They had him as a worse QB than Flacco, and tied for 26th overall. He only graded above average in time to throw (1st), and intermediate throws grade (8th). Everything else was outside the top 19, and most in the 26th and worse range. And that's actually an improvement over his year without everyone hurt. ETA: With that said, there should be plenty of dump off passes coming Barkley's way, so it's probably a boon for Barkley.
  12. 5/81 at Alabama with that surrounding talent (+ a solo tackle for the IDP guys) is nothing to sneeze at, nor is 5/67. It's not MIke Evans senior season against Alabama/Auburn (600 combined yards), but then we'd just be complaining that he put up all his stats in 2 games.
  13. Colorado and Alabama give him tougher secondaries faced than any Big12 team except OU.
  14. Please god no. Start Rush/White, take your lumps, and get one of the elite DL or AJ Brown next year.
  15. Titans are an apparently ascending playoff team. I'm not going to say they don't sweep the Eagles, but you're being unreasonably favorable to your team, IMO, if you think you'll beat the defending Super Bowl champs who seemingly are getting a better roster while coming off the #2 draft pick, no matter how well you improved.