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  1. You are totally right i do play only in dynasties though and I just don’t see him being relevant in 2-3 years.. but yes this year and probably next he will be pretty excellent for certain builds
  2. Dr Doum is awesome he's shown he can do a bit of everything - shoot, defend, rebound, can finish with either hand, hanlde is passable, hes made some nice passes. detroit should feed him as much as they can
  3. hes a horrific real life player and a pretty bad fantasy one. High volume shooter who doesnt shoot well, a point guard who cannot and doesnt even look to pass and a poor defender.He contributes nothing to winning and often makes the other players on the court worse. if cleveland are smart they ll send him to the bench or get rid of him (they are not, dallas saw DSJ was the same and traded him asap, thats a smart team)
  4. dynasty league stash or you are praying that sabo or turner get injured that s it
  5. Right now he is like a peak Brent Barry - elite 3 point shooter with pretty good passing feel and great size for his position i think in a few years he can approximate Brad beal
  6. Almost dropped him a week ago....what a nice turnaround
  7. Did anyone watch the game? he regular steals but how were his assists? Did he play pg?
  8. hopefully it just looked bad....mri coming?
  9. he s putting really strong per minute numbers even in limited minutes he is a hold for me if he ever gets to 30ish minutes he is going to be amazing
  10. Any staying power here? , watched the game _ pure shot, pretty skilled, solid rebounder, rolls to the rim hard and is a good finisher, tries hard... negatives are poor athleticism, smallish wingspan, pretty bad stamina ( he could barely walk at the end of the game tonight, he only played 25 minutes) ‘’I don’t know personally - I think he will be very volatile, but what do you guys think?
  11. God I missed him playing and playing good minutes. This guy is awesome