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  1. Harrison is loaded, here. I don't do pharmaceuticals, but he seems to be on something hard
  2. Must have been a shallow league. IIRC he was my 6th or 7th pick
  3. Is ,this a humble brag or are you playing coy?..
  4. Jusging by your signature, you're starting Corey Davis or Clement over him (if you do). i like Ekeler more than those two.
  5. Didnt Russell only complete 12 or 14 passes? Having a third of the target share isn't bad for your flex play. Numbers wise he is,a,clear wr2 in standar, and seems like he will be able to stay at a top 32 pace, again, more than what you spent on him
  6. Doyle wasn't soingm****.. those guys,aren't doing s---.. but if you're throwing darts go Watson. He might have his yearly 150 yard game
  7. its going to frustrate you. Buck will definitely steal food off COllins' plate, while you are waiting for one of them to get injured. its a poor mans freeman / coleman cuff... but its what we got
  8. I hate how harbough uses these guys. Collins had 12 rushes inside the 10, allen had 15. Collins was more efficient and a better producer. Hope he gets the shake at the line from here on out. Scoring that early TD gave me some confidence.
  9. just adding that in the NFL, every year is a contract year.. nothing is guaranteed. I dont get the whole contract motivation angle for footbal. These dudes bust a** everyday because it could be the last on the team. SO i dont give guys a bump who are playing on the last year of a deal. Hell, McKinnon was playing onthe last year of his deal.. it also doesnt figure to be a metric analysts care about, otherwise we would see articles like "who will break out from this years list of contract year players??!?!"
  10. Atlanta has 44 million reasons to ride this dude into the ground. (Or whatever he signed for)
  11. No offense,, but most of us have s--- to do outside of memorizing posts made by some dude with a short post history praise be to Kamara, however. I think most most of us are glad we took him ahead of some other options. It was a difficult choice. I'm impressed with his receiving usage, especially in standard. Seems like he's matchup proof,because of his target floor.
  12. I stopped giving a f---,about SOS after drafting two saints for their juicy matchups with Atl weeks 14 and 16 of last year.
  13. yeah, running backs but no TE in either flex spot. That 19th pick I have more or less resigned myself to taking either Aj green/Davonte/ty hilton.
  14. Yahoo standard : 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 W/R flex 12 team 0 ppr my early philosophy: take brown/hopkins (again assuming no top 4 rb) and pray for Howard in the middle of rd. 2. After that it's best player available. im worried that by not taking Kamara/Saq/hunt, I am at risk of NEEDING Howard in round 2, if I go WR. Whereas if I go with that second tier of RB I can target a few different #1 receiving options. (I will not spend a first rd pick on a guy who doesn't play third down, i.e. Fournette and possibly now Gordon). Hunt is likely to receive 70% of snaps, as per Andy Reid RB1s, and Kamara is likely to have somewhere around 60% snap time share. Anyone else have insight?