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  1. That missed Davante Adams TD just took 8 years off my life.
  2. I hear you. It's almost time to wipe the memory slate clean. This was probably the best draft I had in years in this league, which is pretty competitive. I got complicit on the wire a few times. Drafted Baker, dropped him for Stafford after Week 3.
  3. Wow, haha that's 4 players that I have as well. What a painful tandem of Chubb/Carson for this week. Tonight will be stressful.
  4. Josh Allen (although I benched him in the last two games) Nick Chubb, Chris Carson, Miles Sanders, Matt Breida Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Emmanuel Sanders Mark Andrews
  5. Started tilting when I just kept seeing "T Homer" in the play-by-plays. Really sux. Thank you CC for getting me to the final round in two leagues.
  6. My opponent is up by 4 points. He has Mike Boone, I have Davante Adams. Decent chances...right? 😓
  7. I had Godwin in both leagues, managed to grab him in one, my 'ship opponent in the other (doh) Flexing him over Deebo, Coleman, Juju and Hunt. Whatever happens, happens.
  8. Yards-wise, for sure, but he still scraped up 2 TD's. Dallas Defense on the road doesn't concern me, allowing 151 rush yards at the Bears a week before. I gotta fire Sanders up.
  9. Need 2: flex and a wr...PPR Miles Sanders vs Dallas (Dallas on the road, nice) Emmanuel Sanders vs LA Rams (Bounce back?) Terry McLaurin vs NY Giants (Haskins keeps in rolling?) whir
  10. You're welcome. No that's actually my name IRL, and I totally didn't draft Chubb because we share the same name or anything...
  11. Great options. AJ Brown is a stud, but he has Lattimore which is a bit concerning. If last week is any indication, Haskins is improving and McLaurin has been seeing a positive regression from that. Perriman already proved in a big way that he's the next guy up in Tampa in a high pass-volume offense. So I'd flex Perriman. Finally his time to shine after all these years 😂
  12. I'm worried Lamar will only get me 29 points
  13. LET'S GO!!! Cardinals gave up a lot on the ground to Nick Chubb yesterday. Keep it on the ground, baby.
  14. A few days before Week 1 in my dynasty league, I traded Amari Cooper for Lamar Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey. I needed a Quarterback really bad.