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  1. I actually think I would prefer Coop to Hop rest of season. Dak looks much better than Watson has thus far.
  2. I think I am leaning towards Edelman here. While I love D Mont, Edelman is 1 week healthier. Watkins is the odd man out, I wouldn't do it at all.
  3. I don’t think you have the depth for this (as much as Michel has struggled) Additionally, Mike Evans is poised for a solid little run here. I say stand pat.
  4. I am probably dropping/not picking up Debo. Watch out for Pettis in the second half.
  5. Seems like a win for me. A classic deal from abundance to get the better player while in a better position!
  6. Mixon seems to be on the upswing, while Free is crumbling. Allen is a PPR monster, but Coop has much higher Td potential. I say stand pat.
  7. I trade: Julian Edelman Devonta Freeman Dalton Knox Receive Odell Beckahm Jr. George Kittle Current Roster Construction: Russel Wilson Michael Thomas Julian Edelman David Johnson Saquan Dalton Knox Will Fuller Christian Kirk The kicker here is, I am swapping a 4th rd pick for a 7th rounder as well for next years draft. Thoughts?
  8. I think so. Gallup is back is a few weeks. You should be able to hold over. As long as you are 2-1 or better.
  9. Assuming this is Sammy Watkins? hell yea man. Lizard King is an after thought at this point.
  10. This really seems like a no brainer from your perspective. you are still getting the player you want in Jacobs. The real question becomes.... do you want Jacobs over Edelman.
  11. He does. And even until then, Thomas should see 7-10 targets a game.