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  1. depends on his qb showing up or not
  2. definitely can happen kamara was in the same place with ingram as dobbins is now, took kamara like 5 weeks to carve his role would live to see a timeline similar to that. i just hope he turns into something so im not holding him hoping all year.
  3. im in the same boat, stashing him or pollard. not a zeke owner but i like his upside if zeke ever misses time. idk if jeffery has league winning opportunity like pollard could
  4. on a bad week im fine with 15. anything less is hard to overcome with a win without the rest of your team performing.
  5. after the first two weeks i dont know how you start him matchup doesnt matter if hes not being targeted or part of the game plan.
  6. his big run was impressive... hope he gets more touches to at least be a startable flex.
  7. agreed with above, i dont like flexing TE but I like goedert here! seems like the safest play and has a good chance for a TD.
  8. i'd take davis here, he has a bad history but AJ is out. anthony miller usage was suspect and danny doesnt have as much upside as davis imo.
  9. Deeper league, need a flex start can't decide between Russel gage JK dobbins Logan Thomas Desean Jackson Atlanta might have a shootout today, i love the upside if dobbins gets 10+ carries but that might be wishful thinking.
  10. he's certainly not the answer and wouldn't be the answer for 31 other teams.
  11. i might buy low on antonio gibson, peyton barber got 17 carries but averaged 1.7 YPC. just seems inevitable the vet will be overtaken here shortly especially with such low efficiency and on an offense that could be so much more dynamic.people who drafted him won't feel very comfortable but if i can sit him for a few weeks i feel like it would be worth whatever i ended up paying for him.