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  1. I'd rather do it now then have to wait in line down the road. You guys doing the delivery arent any better making them come to your home.
  2. Stock up on groceries TOMORROW. I think this week might get gnarly at the stores.
  3. I'm frustrated how Walmart and Target are handling the entrance problems. Having people funnel into one entrance and leave out the same isnt smart. they have the side doors on each side and the main 2 sliding doors (Walmart anyway). They should be announcing to the town how they are conducting each individual Walmart and have schedules for what age groups should/can come. Having a line of people breathing (also eye exposure to particles) the same air in the same formation aint gonna solve this shizz.
  4. Everybody Wants Some!! is a great baseball subplot movie from director Richard Linklater. (Dazed and Confused). Doesn't seem like many people have seen it or talk about it.
  5. Too ambitious. Too many large city hubs that have yet to face large outbreaks. I'm really worried about the Midwest; the guidelines are very loose about essential vs non - essential. These are the middle class people who need to work to provide.
  6. No offense but you doing construction isn't as essential as you think. You should be worried about the buyers.
  7. San Fran is apparently looking into him.
  8. John Means, while low in K's, should have a place in Tier 6. Also, how long do we expect Kopech to be in Triple A since he's fully healthy?
  9. Renato seems low for his production last year. I'd put him right after the Parrot.
  10. I think 2nd base is deep enough with Lowe, Lux, La Stella Arraez guys there. SP/RP are a headache this year RP especially. I like the middle guys personally with Liam Hendriks, Taylor Rogers,Ken Giles Brandon Workman, Alex Colome. I dont trust Kenley Jansen, and Edwin Diaz might not even be the closer. I'm good on not paying up for Hader/Yates/Chapman; I would rather get Realmuto than any of those 3 if im going for positional advantage.
  11. They could just trade him like the rumors suggest. He is valuable to a team but with the Suarez stuff going on, they'll probably use him in CF and to spare Suarez on off days.