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  1. I planned on starting Eagles too but I'm thinking that defense will be on the field a ton with how weakened the Eagles offense is. No Miles Sanders, No Zach Ertz, No Dallas Goedert, No Alshon Jeffrey. Giants D is lookin better and better..
  2. People like you are the worst. If you say you clearly faded him, why not give reasons behind why you did that in the first place. You want a F'***N Cookie?
  3. Well how bad is Sammy Watkins stuff? Maybe they want to shift to a more run set approach and Mahomes can also still scramble, bubble screens with both rbs in. Maybe this is more like the Ryan Mathews/Darren Sproles type of show now for these guys haha.
  4. I can imagine Reid planning on feeding him HEAVY this upcoming game to make him okay with the upcoming split with Bell. I agree with the Chubb/Hunt sediment going on. I think both of these guys will make this offense really hum and give us all solid flex players. Mahomes was trying to get too goofy lately anyway; an established run game is good for this offense to move quicker down the field instead of waiting for 3 and out Mahome trick plays.
  5. Down 3.3 pts in Standard. Got my Derrick Henry vs his TreQuan Smith and Mike Williams to go!
  6. The problem is Bills are a Thursday game next week. No shot of that happening.
  7. Well Eduardo Rodriguez of the Boston Red Sox (Pitcher) was having heart problems actually. Not sure how he's doing now.
  8. I just don't understand why the commissioner hasn't been more vocal about plans moving FORWARD from here on out instead of just "waiting on testing." That's not good enough. These players clearly are free to roam about and not get penalized thus far. While I have no doubt this league continues as usual, I want to see more professionalism out of the NFL and the players.
  9. The lack of news right now is troubling. It just proves that they have no idea what to do about this since the Titans and Steelers have now already had their bye. Now it's a problem.
  10. Id consider it a win with the added break for AJ Brown.Although Jason Peters is on IR now. It might be the guy moved Sanders. Robert Woods is a guy youll miss...
  11. Use DK towards the Russ owner or Amari towards the Dak owner. You need to chime in again here with those 2 owners rosters so we can all further help you.
  12. DJ, and Renfrow (Bills allowing slot to wreck em)
  13. I lost Henry, Jonnu, and potentially Helaire and I'm not even thinking of whining to the commish about having an "insurance" player. All is fair in this game. We knew what was among us and we play the hand we are dealt. It's our own problem.
  14. I'd take this this trade all day long.
  15. You start 3 WR so don't do this deal. You are 3-0 and are about to get back Michael Thomas!