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  1. Is this a 8 team league, LOL. Anyway I would start Carson. I really like both RB's matchups. I wonder if this is for a FLEX or RB spot. Who are your other RB's and WR in your roster? I would find a way to start both if you can. That NYG run defense has been horrible since they traded Snacks Harrison (and improved DET run D because of it). The Chiefs run D and SEA playing at home is a smash matchup regardless of Penny's status.
  2. I echo the statement of putting a waiver claim based on your opponent's lineup. I would make the claims on JWilliams and Ballage before making waiver claims on D. I'm pretty confident that 2 of your defenses on your waiver wire should be available after the claims are cleared tomorrow.
  3. DJ and Williams (but really not by much at all). Williams will get the full workload. My worry with Michel is that Burkhead will steal touches from him at the end of the game if they are way ahead.
  4. Absolutely do not play into week 17 in ANY circumstances. You're adding additional risk of your healthy stud players being inactive for week 17 to save them from injury going into the playoff. It doesn't matter how good the match ups are for your players. Your trade deadline is likely gone and your options on the wire are even more dire even if any of your players are already deemed inactive days before their games. Any league that makes you play week 17 should be changed immediately IMHO.
  5. Hi all, I have Goff as my QB for now and Winston as my backup. Both have terrible matchups and both are coming off of terrible passing games. I'm starting Goff over Winston. However, I don't know if I can trust Goff to start on the road at AZ (especially since Goff has laid an egg since his bye week that included 2 great matchups out of 3). I think I just saw the ceiling line with MRyan this past week vs. AZ. Do I stick with Goff or get someone off the waiver wire. Options on the wire are Josh Allen (@NE), Carr (DEN), and Foles (HOU). Passing TD/INT ratio for this league is 6/2 and not the default 4/1. I think this matters because rushing and passing TD's count the same.
  6. Drop Ridley to get your soccer player. I would actually go Godwin over Sutton as long assuming DJax. I like Godwin matchup better as Evans will likely be shadowed by Lattimore. There’s no guarantee that Sutton won’t be shadowed by Sherman.
  7. The .5 per carry skews Jackson IMHO. Next would be Mayfield if not Jackson. I would stay away from Russ and MRyan.
  8. - Allen but this is a tough call - Gordon (Likely no XHoward to shadow him) - Burton
  9. 3 different start/sit items. 10-team Standard. All turnovers subtract 1 pt. - Rivers or Winston (Leaning Rivers here because Saints defense as a whole is a lot better now than in the start of the season and no MGordon on the Chargers offense this week) - Ware or Gus the Bus (Leaning Gus the Bus here, both have significant issues (Gus with negative gamescript and Ware facing BAL D) - Sutton or DJMoore (Leaning DJMoore, I think DEN will run more and DJMoore does tend to get 1-3 rush attempts).
  10. Have to go Goff here. I have the same situation as well. I can’t afford the possible in-game benching risk on the most critical week of the FFL season. Yes, I’m concerned about the game flow with Goff and the real possibility they will run Gurley a lot (especially at the goal line). But you possibly leave a lot of points starting Winston. It has already happened 3x with TB QB’s this year.
  11. Need a win and some help to get a first round bye. Boyd, Shady, or Mack. Full PPR.
  12. Many times, it doesn’t matter. I had an example last week where I have Winston but my opponent started Brate and Humphries and I still won despite both catching TD passes from Winston. Having said that, your league scoring could have an impact. Does your league’s TD passes count 4 or 6 points? Full PPR? Bouns points for passing or receiving yard milestones? Bonus points for long reception or passing plays? I would look at that to determine whether it matters or not.
  13. Baldwin or David Moore. 10-team non-PPR.