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  1. If he ever was going to have an Ideal scenario, this is it. An outstanding coach, a team that believes in him, a legend in Brees helping him along. THE best offensive line in the NFL, no need to get scared in the pocket like in Minnesota. A defense that when they show up...is disgustingly good. backfield that scares defenses and some of the best wideouts in the game. Teddy was just handed a Super Bowl caliber team...and had it not been for Refs last year, Saints would have decimated Pats in Super Bowl. So a Super Bowl team with the greatest QB of all time statistically on the sideline helping you out?? This is LITERALLY his to lose. First time in, sure, need to find your groove, maybe even 1 more week, but Teddy was good, if he cannot look great here, he needs to take whatever people throw at him next year for league minimum. If he does great here? He will go elsewhere maybe and make a TON of money. Fantasy team? probably not, in the games? he should produce Wins. Zero excuses.
  2. Gronk double teamed every play. Edelman and Gordon will immediately spread that defense and get Gronk open. Brady will go from 1 real threat to an arsenal.
  3. Won’t happen, but imagine a trade to Steelers. Bell for DJ oooohhh
  4. So if you slot him, don’t brain fart and slot him in WR but rather ur Flex!
  5. Regardless of how things play out his value is tremendous as for the past few years you can draft him very low or a freebie off the waiver wire’s which in turn Gives you an excuse to come to by far the most entertaining thread on these forms. No other thread has the level of Memes as Josh Gordon’s and that alone is worth stashing him all year.
  6. My prediction...he is out there today for half the plays to help learn the system and draw coverage from double teaming Gronk. If Brady sees a shot he will take it, but not forced. This is the mother of all opportunity, if he messes it up, he deserves to lose it all. Regardless if I had him on my team or not I would love to see a story of someone that had those problems recovered and became a success storyRegardless if I had him on my team or not I would love to see a story of someone that had those problems recovered and became a success story.
  7. That’s right, meant Bears. They’ll still play from behind. Been debating Kirk Cousins and Latavious b4 coffee got in. Plus I hate starting defenses vs my players. Hard to cheer...am I glad they got a touchdown but then not so much etc. I have Bears for D.
  8. I benched him this week. 0-2 I need to risk now. Coach is not using him properly, I see this trend continuing. And Vikings will have such a lead I feel that running will be removed. IF they bench Bradford, maybe. DJ should get a TD maybe. But the Cards look a hair better than Buffalo right now.
  9. This is why I think Josh will do great with Pats and thus make Gronk even bigger. Gronk is always double teamed. If you do not respect Josh....its lights out. Like Josh, Gronk is known for a party style life, thing is, he and the pats have an understanding, he can do whatever, but it better NOT interfere with the season. Bill wont mother hen him. Josh has been gifted mad skills and now gifted an annual superbowl contender under the greatest coach of all time and the best QB of all time. Even with his issues, he can secure a legit legacy and hall of fame status in just a few seasons. So I see Gronk going crazy now. AND you have Eldleman coming back soon??? Dorsett and Hogan all not crap either. Pats just wen tot another level.
  10. Being I see this as Rams will be playing from behind, Watkins is very fast, and he catches balls over his head bling folded.
  11. No Keizer just needs to deliver the ball within 3' of Josh, Josh was supposed to have 200 yards an a TD if you watch the underthrown passes, he is still way faster and out jumps any DB. He looks like Megatron 2.0
  12. Oh god....Man imagine if Watkins had Bradys understudy O_O That would immediately be a top 10 offense if they land a decent RB who can catch to.
  13. I am SERIOUSLY considering him over Goff...Goff is good but this week I need great, Eagles defense is amazing and Texans are very open to passes. I am gambling as my opponent has easy defenses this week and #2 in league where as I lucked into final slot.
  14. So Saints play tonight, opponent has Kamara, I have Ingram. Ingram has a toe issue. Originally I slotted Lynch and Ingram, Murray was my flex, with Ingram sooo up in the air, and it being a short week. Do I sit Ingram and plug in Murray as RB 2??? Murray plays Panthers defense. Makes me feel McKinnion will be the pass catcher and used more.
  15. Its not that he has been bad, when the miracle occurs and Goff passes to him, he is the same Watkins. Woods excelled because he never had the top CB on him, Watkins draws that every game. Goff simply never looks his way, he gets what...3-4 passes at most??? Why many players tweet how criminally under used he is. He will leave next year, Rams will not franchise him. He will be a WR 1 elsewhere. Not a decoy. When Watkins leaves, Woods will return to JAG mode.