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  1. I'm not sure what's going on either, but in PPR, especially with Allen, he could have a very high PPR floor. Thinking about going him over the other Mc this week.
  2. Remember when he fell awkwardly 2 gakes ago, and we thought he broke his collarbone? I'd be willing to get something is going on there. Hasn't been the same since.
  3. Somehow he's in the doghouse, doesn't add up at all. Those first 2 games even WITH Mostert, he was startable. Now, even without Mostert, he's un useable? Doesn't make sense.
  4. So I'm guessing McKinnon is somehow worthless in fantasy all of a sudden, even though Mostert is hurt. Gotta be shitting me.
  5. C'mon, Shanny, let him get back involved and you guys reap the rewards. Hopefully gets way more run than last game!
  6. Anybody seen Tonyan lately? Seems like he may be sitting after this game got out of hand.
  7. Hopefully they shot him up and he can finish the game.
  8. Lock didn't target him as much as the backups did, correct?
  9. We're still thinking Gilmore is on Jeudy? Even if he's in the slot?
  10. Guessing it might be tough goings against I'm sure Gilmore
  11. Is everybody ignoring that just two weeks ago, everybody was adding Greg Ward as the next Philly WR to own?