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  1. I had Godwin and Lamar and LOST. Played the only team I could have lost to.
  2. 3-9, 2nd overall in points in 12 team league. Happens every ******** year. Need to go to breakdown for league standings from now on.
  3. No TDs in his last 3 games?!? You'd think he was the QB of the Dolphins. Fitzmagic is better than he is. Probably lost me the last 3 games in a 2 QB league. WTH happened in a year and a half lolol.
  4. Never drafting Goff again. Fell for those 40 point games last year, and a handful 30 pointers. Hasn't had one game over 30 points this season, and looks like the guy who didn't know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west that Jeff Fischer drafted.
  5. Not watching the game. Why is Williams getting more carries?
  6. Conner just gonna run all over them with no tuddies??
  7. Jimmy Graham stuck blocking? I keep rotating him in and out of my lineup. On the bench for good games, in my lineup for duds.
  8. Bout to be 3-5 with most points scored. 95% luck, don't care what anybody says.
  9. Still no clarity if he'll have Ramsay on him?
  10. I'd love to believe that, but with the wind as high as it is, he's going to need a miracle for a good game.
  11. Bought into the RT would be a captain checkdown and Humphries would have a solid PPR day. No such thing as logic when it comes to Fantasy Football.