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  1. People are taking this guy over Patrick Laird?
  2. not sure if this says much but Jaylen Samuels score more than the following RBs against IND Lesean McCoy and Damien Williams Combined Josh Jacobs Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson Combined Philip Lindsay and Royce Freeman. i know it’s not saying much but IND is pretty good against the run and the recs help his floor
  3. Latavius Murray put up bigger numbers two weeks in a row. No one is saying Murray is going to takeover the starting role lol. Murray is also only 1 point behind Kamara... If DJ is healthy, they will roll with him. And line him out wide.
  4. I disagree on vision. They are both averaging 4+ this season. Also, Lindsay is efficient with less touches. Royce Freeman has better hands, better in the pass pro, runs better routes, can punish and wear down defenses. All those points you made is a generic argument for every scatback. Again, Lindsay is talented but Freeman isn’t that far off.
  5. Do you watch the games? The spread between them is due to TDs and Lindsay having one or two bigger plays. That’s it. Most of the guys between them has had their byes or fighting injuries. I’m not saying Lindsay is bad. I just don’t understand why people can’t accept it’s a full blown committee and both backs are somewhat productive
  6. This thread reminds me of the Breida thread. Why can’t owners accept both backs will be used and both backs will have their up and down games?
  7. David Johnson is ranked RB11 with being out essentially two games with majority of the backs above him already having their bye. So I would put him in Tier 2 of RBs God Tier: CMAC Tier 1: Cook, Zeke, Jones, and Chubb Tier 2: Fournette, Carson, Conner , DJ, Kamara, Saquon
  8. Not sure how severe Jacobs was but Conners back in 2017 was in preseason. He looks to be in severe pain. I remember Randall Cobb having a similar injury but had 3 weeks to recover.
  9. AC sprain for a running back means at least 3 weeks IMO
  10. It was a 60/40 split week 4 Then Samuels got hurt week 5. we can speculate that it’ll be around that snap count to preserve Connor. That dudes running style is pretty violent
  11. This has to be more of an issue with Edmonds than DJ. As a bee DJ owner, that is what I hope and Drake assumes the Drake role. The coach has been consistent with his coach speak. DJ will be back when fully healthy. With Drake also being a catching back. I think they will both get a lot of work on the slot
  12. Anyone who thinks Murray will take the starting gig is dreaming. But giving them both 15 touches each week isn’t dreaming. Kamara is a RB1 with his efficiency, not workload.
  13. So no one things its fishy that they added Alfred Morris when they play SF twice in the next three weeks? i like Zach is merely depth but Morris is just a body that can give insight. Morris does not fit the scheme whatsoever
  14. I am pretty sure they were looking for someone because Jacobs simply isn't healthy this season.