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  1. And then it becomes: Luton incomplete pass Luton incomplete pass Luton incomplete pass Luton incomplete pass Luton incomplete pass Is this guy really any better than Fu Minshew or are they seriously tanking for Justin Fields?
  2. Michel might only be Harris insurance in the coming weeks. Seems like BB might actually be gaining trust in Harris more and more.
  3. I'm assuming this will be another game where they don't throw it AJ Brown until they have to in the 4th Q. And then they realize he can catch it regardless of coverage. He'll finish either 2/18 or 6/95/2. My money is on 2/18 🥺
  4. I’m holding Harris in my flex spot until I see who the game day inactives are and if any news comes out right before the game. They could say Michel is just injury insurance since Harris has been banged up a bit in practice, or perhaps James White will be an inactive. I don’t think Michel is going to get the ol’ Billy B 30 carry switcheroo special. That being said if all four backs are active and no gameplan comes out, I’m benching Harris even if he’s in line for 15 carries.