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  1. Trying to throw whatever sticks at RB after losing Barkley. Swift got dropped. Who should I roster?
  2. Picked up Cooks after he was dropped, but with him on the injury report, I was thinking about going after Shenault. I've been burned by so many rookie WRs before though, so I'm not sure. But also I am so thin at RB (lost Barkley and Mack) that I'm considering White for depth. Any thoughts?
  3. Some years I am really into FF and like to think about all the little details to tweak and make it more competitive, but there have been a couple of years that I have had too much stuff going on and wish it were simpler. In those down times I think It'd be nice to have a league where you just start Teams at each position, not just defense. Team QB, WR, RB, TE, K and D. etc. That way you don't have to worry about injuries or holdouts tanking your season. Everyone I've mentioned this to HATES this idea, and it would drive the nerdier/more serious among us mad, but sounds like a totally fun casual way to do things.
  4. PPR Need to drop one of the following. Most of my lineup is set, but trying to figure out who to keep as Flex 2 and TE through the playoffs: E. Sanders, T. Coleman, R. Mostert, J. Cook, J. Hollister (AZ week 16), D. Njoku (AZ week 15)
  5. Gallup without a doubt, and I'd lean Golladay over Kirk. I'd put Deebo last on that list. Everyone's looking for a repeat of Deebo's big game without Kittle, and Kirk's last game vs SF, but I think both were outliers and both players revert to their mean (Deebo down, Kirk up)
  6. Sanders lit up AZ in AZ two weeks ago, now has them at home... but his ribs. White has a tougher matchup but seems to always be good for 12-13 ppr points.
  7. Went into Sunday night down 40 points in my PPR league. Had Elliot and Maher in SNF and Lockett, Sanders and Coleman in MNF. Those guys had been averaging a combined 80+ per game, so they only needed to put up 50% of their average production... figured I couldn't lose, came 4.5 point short.
  8. Obviously can't blame anybody for dropping him, but if he's your 5th WR and your bye weeks aren't too tight, there's not a lot of downside to holding and praying. Could win somebody a championship with that week 16 matchup against miami!
  9. If this injury had all happened in the offseason and CIN opened week 1 with a rookie QB against a good D, almost everybody would recommend starting Green at least as a WR2. The long absence is distorting people's perception. Only difference is that some teams at this point could be surprisingly stacked and have the depth to sit and wait. On an average team I'd say he's a must start.
  10. I think Jones is worth $25-$30 at this point. Agree on holding Mattison. Sanders is the more consistent point producer, but not enough to start for you. Would rather hold a lotto ticket on the end of my bench. Thanks for the help on mine.
  11. Feeling good about the playoffs after a rough start, but could probably shift some depth for upgrades or maybe a TE. Projected playoff Roster: QB: L. Jackson RB1: Elliot RB2: Gordon (Coleman?) WR1: Hill WR2: Lockett TE: Hock Flex1: Chark Flex 2: AJ Green (E. Sanders?) Bench: M. Ryan, T. Coleman, J. White, E. Sanders, Mattison, Herndon Normally I have a clear picture of what to expect from my team, but uncertainty around so many players has me paralyzed: Gordon (is he back with the OC change?), Green (will he be a WR1?), Sanders (is SF really going to make him a WR1/2 or is it just a fluke?), Herndon (will he be worth anything/better than Hock?)
  12. I'm trying to move him too. Problem is that other people look at his stats and don't even see "sell high," they see a guy coming off of two single catch games who put together an ok game on a bottom 10 passing team (which would have been a bad game without the TD). Hoping he has a solid game tonight, and perhaps we can get decent value for him.
  13. Fist 6 rounds of my draft: Zeke, Tyreek Hill, Melvin Gordon, Lockett, AJ Green and Tevin Coleman, Have missed 18 games between them. Next week, I'll have the top 6 healthy for the first time ever. Started 1-3, have since gone 3-1 and feeling pretty good about the playoffs. Oh and I picked Luck in the 7th... so 25 games missed among my top 7 picks.
  14. Easily the toughest test yet for both NE D and Jackson. Schedules have been ridiculously so far. Could easily see a multiple interception game, question is whether he can make it up elsewhere. Still, you have to start the best QB in fantasy.
  15. 12 team ppr 2RB 2WR 2Flex (1 late round keeper) Starters in bold QB: L Jackson, RB: E. Elliot, T. Coleman, M. Gordon III, J. White, A. Mattison, M. Walton WR: T. Hill, T. Lockett, D.J. Chark, E. Sanders, A.J. Green, TE: T.J. Hockenson, K: R. Gould DEF: Tennessee, Pittsburgh
  16. Played the Titans D this week, since Steelers are on Bye, so I can't drop them until tomorrow. So is there a consensus I should drop Walton for Herndon now, then try to get Stafford off Waivers?
  17. Would definitely make the move. No reason to hold both TEs. Thanks for the help on mine.
  18. I need a QB for Jackson's bye and, like most people, feel lost at TE. Herndon and Darnold were both dropped and are available. I really only have 2 players that are close to droppable -- Walton and the Steelers D. I would love to roll the dice on Herndon (and maybe Darnold), but I like the rest of my depth. I'm leaning towards not doing anything tonight, then dropping Tennessee for a QB (Stafford is on the wire) and just keep praying Hock can find some points this week.
  19. Been offered Fitz for White and Sanders. Seems like a no-brainer upgrade at Flex, as I think Fitz is the best player in the deal, but it hurts my depth at RB. Yahoo thinks this hurts my team, which gives me pause, but I think Yahoo is pretty high on Sanders and low on Fitz (actually forecast Sanders scoring 15 more points ROS, which I don't think I buy).
  20. 5 of his games have been against bottom half defenses. Steelers were the only tough D they've faced, and while he put up rushing numbers, he was atrocious throwing the ball. He has a bye, New England, San Francisco and Buffalo ahead, and only 3 games against bottom half Ds. Is it time to sell high? Or do we think he can keep it up?
  21. This is a bit disingenuous. The initial timeline (6-8 weeks) had him missing 4 games at most. Plenty of people likely drafted around that expectation, and are now having to re-calibrate (and that's if everything else has gone to plan). I still can't imagine many scenarios where he is not a hold, but if you need to win now and your WRs are trash, I could see being forced to trade. But most people in this scenario should have been stashing WRs off waivers... that's what I've been doing as a Hill/Green owner.
  22. Have Gore and Coleman. Penny is on the wire. But I need to make room for a Kicker, meaning I can only hold 1.
  23. 6th/7th is exactly where he was going before mid July according to FFC: <a