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  1. Goff is a solid option in 12 team. WRs are obviously stacked and the heel of your success RB's are a bit of a concern, but I'm sure you know that TE is a crap shoot outside of big names. Walker is serviceable. K is a stud Def is solid Overall, it's a solid team. I'd personally look to trade Cooks for another RB and just wait for Green. Best of luck,
  2. As my #1, I'd have to go Cooper here. Yes the foot issue is a concern, but he's the bonafide #1 option in that offense right now with Zeke status looking. Yes Godwin has a ton of upside, but there are too many mouths to feed in that offense. Hoping that Winston supports 2 WR1s is a lot to ask for. Best of luck,
  3. Team is in sig. 10 team full PPR picked from 4 spot WHIR as usual
  4. I would try and package Duke Johnson with either Sanders, Agholor, or Garcon for Henry or Shady. I know some are down on Shady this year, but I'm not one of them. He's the focal point of that horrible bills offense. Volume, volume, volume! D Lewis is a sneaky play too in a .5 PPR for the low too should Henry/Shady be unavailable. Lewis definitely holds value in PPR. I'm not all that high on either Ingram though so I would avoid. Best of luck
  5. Yeah, out of the listed players, id go Barber. He's guaranteed the volume and touches out of the bunch. Best of luck,
  6. I guess I'm on the outside here, but id go with Allison. Even though Mariotta might be the best available amongst the 3, the QBs listed on WW are definitely serviceable in a bye week crunch. Should Russ go down, there isn't much of a difference between the listed QBs And Mariotta. Now Allison on the other hand intriguing. All accounts this far have been positive and it looks as if he's taken over the Jordy role in 2 WR sets. Get you a piece of that Packed offense and scoop up Allison. Best of luck,
  7. Both are elite options at the RB position, both are electric pass catching RBs, but id lean with Barkley. He's THE RB for the Giants for years to come and will be in store for a TON of volume. OBJ being healthy again is great news for any Barkley owner. As high as I am on Kamara, Ingram will be back in a month and will definitely steal a good amount of touches. Barley Best of luck,
  8. I guess I'd go with the guy who should be the more involved player out of the bunch in Morris. Not really into the listed WRs and despite the matchup, Morris still stands a good chance to score a TD Best of luck,
  9. My personal rankings have Mixon higher than Dixon, so he'd be my choice. While Mixon has Bernard to contend with as the change of pace back, he should be in line for a ton of volume and the RZ opportunities. Mixon is a 3 down back to me. With no Hill, I expect big things. Drake should also be in line for some volume, but Gore will likely get the RZ opportunities, and they have Ballage who looks to be a complete back type. Drake should catch more balls than Mixon which gives his value a bump. I like Freeman, but not as much as the others. Not really interested in that Broncos RB situation right now. There's a case for all 3 backs. Best of luck,
  10. I'd still with DangeRuss. He's an elite option at QB, you can stream during his bye. If you're looking to perhaps flip Jimmy G later on in year the droppable players are Conner and Watkins. With all the question marks surrounding Bell right now, id hold onto Conner. I'm not all that high on Watkins to begin with, so he's my drop. Best of luck,
  11. With all the positive news about Luck thus far, he's the easiest choice here. I'm rather high on Mahomes as well for the entire season, but week 1, I'm rolling with Luck without a doubt! Best of luck,
  12. Team is in sig. Here's my big 10 team league that I'm looking for some feedback on. I drafted out of the 10th spot. Overall, I'm relatively happy with my team. TE is obviously weak, but they went on a run relatively early, so I figured I'd just stream. Immediately after the trade I was offered this: SEND: Hunt and Jamaal Williams RECEIVE: OBJ, Mixon, and T Coleman First glance tells me to say yes as I'm getting an elite option at WR and a solid RB2 in Mixon, but what say you guys? Soooo, how'd I draft and would you accept that trade? Thanks and WHIR
  13. Piscotty. Cesar Hernadez has been amazing thus far, ride him to the wheels fall off. Best of luck,
  14. Marte. He's got the higher upside and youth on his side which is what I'd prefer to keep. Best of luck,
  15. While I'm all for stud prospects, I would definitely do the trade. This obviously gives you an elite 3 headed monster at SP and gives you solid depth/young arms. Slot Acuna into the outfield and enjoy the ride! Best of luck,