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  1. Hah I guess I'm a week behind. Point still stands it should be close-ish. Think it's statistically easier to run on the Bears than pass as well.
  2. Brown is strictly there because he can block. Word out of LA is that Akers has issues in pass protection. Hendo is getting work because he's basically in the middle. So yeah Akers is the cuff since Brown's role probably doesn't change much.
  3. Maybe. Depends which SF offense shows up. Could be a close, run heavy script. That would favor Hendo.
  4. From The Athletic: Darrell Henderson was 18th and is a Top 20 RB going forward. Probably more like 15 given how explosive he looks. Sean McVay said this week that Cam Akers isn’t ready. There was also a report from a beat writer that Malcom Brown is really only in there for pass protection because the other two guys are younger. There is some speculation Akers is so bad in protection they can't really use him until he cleans it up.
  5. Absolutely certain that as soon as this guy's ownership percentage drops below 50%; McVay will give him 20+ touches. It is known.
  6. No competition whatsoever for touches. I'll take it.
  7. Looking good and it's clearly Henderson over Brown. Just not sure what they're thinking with Akers.
  8. Yes too bad; because this guy is damn good.
  9. McVay is turning into a bit of a joke, and better start actually coaching football versus trying to prove he's some kind of beautiful mind.
  10. I know they gotta spell Hunt, but can we get this JAG Johnson off the field. Give whoever the hell the third guy up is at this point some run.
  11. Should be a smash spot given his usage and Carolina's defense. Monty has a fair probability for a top 10 RB outcome this week.
  12. It's a dead-end conversation. It's possible sure, but the league will do everything in it's power to avoid it. As far as I'm concerned, it's borderline trolling unless you want to take it to the commissioner thread and talk about fantasy-league remedies for a shutdown.
  13. Can we just ban all "shut the season down" posts from this thread? They offer nothing.