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  1. Good for you if you have the stones to sit him, but I ain't going out like that.
  2. Definitely none of what was said here is definite. So adjust accordingly.
  3. My suspicion is they'll manage his workload but will be trying to get him TDs to pad his stats. They just launched a massive digital campaign for his offensive rookie of the year push.
  4. I keep seeing him ranked like top 24 and the matchup is technically solid. Workload is the issue and it'll be hard to play him over guys that have a clear view on closer to 20 touches.
  5. Good matchup but always the threat of run heavy with SF. Atlanta appears to be better against the run than the pass, but could go either way. I expect at least 5-6 targets and SFs defense has been a shell of its former self recently so hope for a shootout.
  6. I'd play him over most WRs in the ECR range due to likely touch volume since Laird's used in the passing game and will also get most of the carries. There's just a big whack of comparable RBs in the range that are tough to call (i.e. guys like Drake, Freeman, Montgomery, Peterson, etc.). I don't see Laird as much more of a dice roll than a lot of those names and he may be better due to match-up. And it looks like Parker is playing, which I actually think is positive due to the higher potential for RZ touches.
  7. Just enough to tank Washington's value as well. Just a smasher of a matchup though. You gotta think he at least grabs a TD even if the overall yards aren't there.
  8. I'd also say Boone would be the next man up with AA working COP.
  9. I'm actually trying to find a way to get that guy in my lineup in a couple leagues, but it certainly won't be for Jacobs haha.