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  1. I “sold high” last week expecting LF to be back against GB and now I’m regretting it. After seeing him tear up the Packers, you have to think Arians might have a different attitude about him now. If I still had him I’d test the waters this week, but no way would I be letting him go on the cheap after these last 3 games.
  2. He’s playing great and taking advantage of good matchups. Two valid concerns that should be noted are the difficult schedule ahead and the fact that he just lost his Pro-Bowl Left Tackle for the season.
  3. Boston Scott & Gio Bernard pending the injury news for Sanders & Mixon. Gronk is balling out right now... Looks great. He might be back.
  4. He was so bad today, at least from the INTs I saw on RZ... Reminded me of a 2019 Jameis performance. I had Godwin last year, so I loved it. Today it worked for Jefferson.
  5. He played awful. Didn’t kill our fantasy teams, but man, he looked terrible. He also took a lot of big hits.
  6. I’ll give credit where credit is due... Cousins gave him a lot of love today and the kid absolutely crushed it. This game definitely didn’t go the way I was expecting. I was expecting this last week in Seattle when I started him, but the script of these two games flipped and I missed out... perfect storm of opportunity for JJ today, especially with Mattison not being used in the passing game at all like Cook typically is. I was between WFT and Red Zone all day, so I’ll have to watch his full highlights to see how they were using him, but the target #s are certainly promising for him moving forward to suggest that his floor might be a bit higher than originally expected.
  7. Apparently the JAGs are who we thought they were before the season started. I still believe in the kid’s talent. Minshew, the O-Line, and Gruden’s play-calling have been terrible the last couple weeks.
  8. For what? What are people gonna give you for Robert Tonyan? Why do you expect his production to fall off if he performs today?
  9. I dunno... watching him play, he’s just not very dynamic. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Lol, I was juuuuust a little bit wrong about this call. 😂
  11. But no one is giving you Gronk return for him and you got him for free. If he has another good game today on a tough matchup with Adams back, it’s more likely he’s this year’s Mark Andrews than unstartable ROS.
  12. I think they run all over ATL today. They won’t be hesitant to give the ball to Mattison 35 times since they expect to get Cook back after the bye. Jefferson will need a big play to return WR2 or better value... I anticipate 6 or less targets incoming.
  13. If Tonyan shows well today with Adams back in a non-cupcake matchup, then there is no reason to believe he won’t be as valuable as an Andrews or Waller ROS anyway. But people will still give you more for the other two.