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  1. Yeah, I wasn’t comparing him to Godwin’s situation or outlook. I was just saying he’s likely to be hyped up by every “expert” the way Godwin was this offseason, which will push up his ADP. I realize they are in two very different situations.
  2. Pretty solid list. 1) Hill is too low... he should be the #3 WR IMO in every format except Full PPR. 2) I’ll have Kamara (and Henry) ahead of every WR except Thomas. 3) Hunt is a FA. If he and Kitchens are gone, I’ll take Chubb as high as top 5. 4) Gurley is too high... Jacobs will be ahead of him.
  3. Yeah, our league has been around for 12 years, and I had the highest weekly score ever in Week 12, and finished with the most overall regular season points ever. We also have weekly highest score payouts, and I got 6 of those. I put up a good score in the Championship, but my opponent just had one of those weeks where all his guys went off.
  4. 12-Team QB: Lamar RB: CMC RB: Fournette WR: Evans WR: Godwin TE: Kittle Flex: Ekeler and others DST: Steelers/Bills K: Lutz Roster obviously changed throughout the year, but this was my strongest lineup. Drafted all of them except Evans, who I traded for mid-season. Ended up losing in the Championship to the 6th seed... basically all his players went off (Drake, Aaron Jones, Mahomes, Kelce, D. Parker, Lindsay). Regardless, I think this was one of my best teams ever... losing Godwin & Evans during the playoffs hurt, but I replaced them with AJ Brown and Perriman, so still got solid production. Really disappointed not winning a title with this squad, but still won a bunch of money so can’t complain.
  5. Congrats on making it this far! I have a loss, but there is a few hundred $ pot for longest team with 1 loss, and I’m still in contention for that. I don’t have KC left, but I’m eyeing the Packers next week. If they lose tonight they have to win @ Detroit to take the division.
  6. He’ll probably be a 4th rounder when all is said and done. Every fantasy analyst will hype him up as a popular breakout candidate, like they did with Godwin this year.
  7. This is the reason more than the actual record that I think he’ll be gone. The players obviously don’t respect him, especially Odell who they want to keep happy. Baker regressed this year, and some of the play-calling has been head scratching. Then you add in the way he handled “Helmetgate”, the shirt, etc... dude is a clown. Dorsey is actually a good GM, I think he’ll realize Kitchens was a mistake.
  8. Kitchens will get canned. Hunt is a free agent. If he leaves, Chubb will be primed to finish as a top 5 RB next year pending health.
  9. Haha. I watched A Muppet Christmas Carol this week for the first time in probably a decade... I forgot how funny the Muppets are.
  10. I hate the Bears so much. Trying to hold onto a lead against Mahomes and Kelce and they give them second life with a trash “Running into the Kicker” penalty. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  11. Only this year (and probably from now on). Last year he was an early 3rd rounder, which is the right price for an elite TE.
  12. 4th place is the ultimate loser. I’d rather miss the Playoffs and have 3 weeks of my free time back.