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  1. All great QBs are arrogant to a point. Jennings and Finley are well documented. Rodgers made Jennings and he was a nobody after foolishly leaving Green Bay. They're both well documented as butt hurt. Jordy and Cobb sure didn't have a problem with the GOAT throwing darts to them. Driver loves him. James Jones wants to have his children.
  2. Your mind sounds made up but I think you should research opinions from his former teammates and coaches outside of a select vocal few, like Greg Jennings. Also, bruh, what you doing on the fantasy football forums in May at 430 AM!
  3. Sorry to GoHawks if it wasn't him, but somebody said it. As far as Aaron and his family, there's so much that people only speculate on. What we do know is there were disagreements and then his brother aired family dirty laundry on national TV. that's gonna be a no-no. Anyway - Fantasy wise, Aaron's days at the top appear to be over. Hopefully the offense progresses and we have some easier times moving the ball. Last year it seemed we were either doing very well or very poorly, so some consistency will boost him back up.
  4. That's complete nonsense. We went to the NFC Championship game last year btw. Look for a source outside of Greg Jennings. Every time one of these former players comes out and bitches about Rodgers, five fold come out and talk about how great a teammate he was and helped them a ton. Media coddled, my god. The media hates him cuz he doesn't suck up to them. Been ripped to shreds by articles about his d-bag brother since he entered the league. Just regurgitating old BS takes here bud. Yes Mahomes owns the league now, nobody disagreeing with that.
  5. What is their defense projected to look like? Cuz if it's a disaster and Watson has to score 30 every week, then hell be a fantasy stud again. If the defense is impactful and they can reign him in and potentially keep him healthier, then he won't score as much obviously.
  6. It's not as black and white as everybody tries to make it. Let me summarize as a lifelong Packers fan. When Rodgers came into being the starter and for a good chunk of the last decade, we had top level weapons around him and a good offensive line. Driver, Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Adams, Jones, Finley. Those guys are all studs. It was the playoff losses mentioned above that made us constantly draft defense in the first 2 rounds. The game out in Arizona where we scored like 48 point and lost. Go back and look at how many times we've been dumped out of the playoffs where the other team scores some absurd amount like 35+. It's almost every time Rodgers has been knocked out of the playoffs his defense has given up some sort of record. Yet I think outside of the Philly Super Bowl I can't think of a single time that happened to Brady. Yes Brady is the GOAT but he always had good defenses. The one time Rodgers had an impactful defense...we won the Super Bowl. The problem with turning around and using those draft picks on all defense is they have frequently been terrible bust picks. If they had all hit, we'd have a top level defense now. But they almost all missed and that allowed the offense to simultaneously fall into apathy. I love Aaron Rodgers and absolutely refute whatever GoHawks said where he cares bout extraneous stats more than winning. That's the dumbest **** you've ever posted. The man is a competitor. Hopefully we're at the point where a balanced offense and decent defense can extend his career, keeping him upright and healthy.
  7. So I watched his highlights linked above, and he is a stud. I do have a few questions tho that maybe you geniuses can help me out on. 1) It seemed like he was constantly running through gaping holes, allowing him to hit the 2nd level basically at full speed. How did his OL rank? How do they project for 2020? I know they literally drafted all defense, so no help coming to his line. 2) How does adding Joe Brady effect him? In that video he was, somehow, constantly route running against slow LBs and wide open for passes. I would imagine they'd use him like LSU used CEH last year. I am all in on Carolina players this year. Moore was a serviceable WR with trash QB play, in fact it seemed like he was constantly putting up 15 points against me.
  8. Probably starting him over BCooks this week. Can't decide yet. Based on Cooks so far I feel confident doing it but they play Cinci so he'll prob burn them. Then again they may just run it cuz Cinci is so bad. Stills going to have a big game tho, I feel it.
  9. So who is to say that Bradbury won't cover Godwin this game? He's been the better WR this season.
  10. Was frustrating to watch last night, and he was clearly frustrated. The TD he "dropped" while not a very good throw, was something Mike could've caught. It wasn't like it was an easy catch, though. Then later in the game Evans broke out to the sideline around the 3 yard line and was wide open and Winston threw him another trash ball. Could've easily been 2 TDs there. My question after watching this game is what kind of route trees are we running here? Evans seems to have two: Fade, go route. How about some slants? He ran one slant and he's do damn big there's no way a DB can get around him.
  11. Very disappointed in this big boy, not that is was much his fault. Needed 3 more points for the win and dont think Brees even targeted him the 2nd half.
  12. Need 10 points from Cook cmon Brees get him going.
  13. Got 1 share of him and looking forward to it. Enjoy it cuz he'll be holding out next year if the Saints down pony up right away.
  14. 5 leagues Zeke X2 Carson X2 Mike Evans X2 I was more focused on getting players on good offenses and actually thought about that this year. Not exactly what this thread is asking but shakes out something like: Cowboys: Multiple shares of Zeke Bucs: Believer in Arians. Evans X2 and Godwin Rams: Goff, Cooks, Woods Saints: Kamara, Cook Falcons: Julio, Matt Ryan Packers: Adams, MVS Steelers: Big Ben, JuJu, Moncrief flyer, Vance Eagles: Sanders, Alshon Chiefs: DWill, Kelce