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  1. Probably starting him over BCooks this week. Can't decide yet. Based on Cooks so far I feel confident doing it but they play Cinci so he'll prob burn them. Then again they may just run it cuz Cinci is so bad. Stills going to have a big game tho, I feel it.
  2. So who is to say that Bradbury won't cover Godwin this game? He's been the better WR this season.
  3. Was frustrating to watch last night, and he was clearly frustrated. The TD he "dropped" while not a very good throw, was something Mike could've caught. It wasn't like it was an easy catch, though. Then later in the game Evans broke out to the sideline around the 3 yard line and was wide open and Winston threw him another trash ball. Could've easily been 2 TDs there. My question after watching this game is what kind of route trees are we running here? Evans seems to have two: Fade, go route. How about some slants? He ran one slant and he's do damn big there's no way a DB can get around him.
  4. Very disappointed in this big boy, not that is was much his fault. Needed 3 more points for the win and dont think Brees even targeted him the 2nd half.
  5. Need 10 points from Cook cmon Brees get him going.
  6. Got 1 share of him and looking forward to it. Enjoy it cuz he'll be holding out next year if the Saints down pony up right away.
  7. 5 leagues Zeke X2 Carson X2 Mike Evans X2 I was more focused on getting players on good offenses and actually thought about that this year. Not exactly what this thread is asking but shakes out something like: Cowboys: Multiple shares of Zeke Bucs: Believer in Arians. Evans X2 and Godwin Rams: Goff, Cooks, Woods Saints: Kamara, Cook Falcons: Julio, Matt Ryan Packers: Adams, MVS Steelers: Big Ben, JuJu, Moncrief flyer, Vance Eagles: Sanders, Alshon Chiefs: DWill, Kelce
  8. That video makes me very excited as a Carson owner. Needs to catch 50 balls this year, that would really open things up. And as badass as it is, please stop hurdling people, i'll have to cringe every time he does it. Outside of that ankle injury what does his injury history look like?
  9. Outside of Clemson the B10 ***** on the ACC, lol.
  10. Thanks fellas. leaning toward Mack at the moment, hoping we get positive reports from Luck.
  11. Get the f*cking deal signed fellas. Drafts are this weekend. Not even a sniff of real news on this front, cmon.
  12. I have an upcoming auction ($200 budget) where my three most viable options are Mixon ($45), Michel ($5), or Mack ($4). I can only keep one and those prices indicated are with the 20% penalty that needs paid for a keeper. For some context, here's what the top backs went for last year: CMC(60), Zeke(83), Saquon(63), Bell(80), DJ(84). Other top backs were kept. Furthermore, moving into this year some top backs being kept off the board are: Chubb, Connor, CMC, Saquon. With that in mind, would you guys go for Mixon(45), Michel(5), or Mack(4)? Thanks in advance and WHIR.
  13. Last year in one of my auctions I didn't quite pay up for the studs and thought I'd clean up on the value picks.....well come end of the tiers I overpayed for s---y guys like Jordan Howard. My only stud was Tyreek and my team sucked. I won't be doing that again. IMO it's critical to go in and pay for a stud or two, and then adjust from there. If you have to pay $140/200 for two players, but you walk away with Kamara and Hopkins, you're in great shape. Not getting a top 15 player in auction is a poor strategy IMO.
  14. It was his rookie contract. As far as I know there is not much negotiating going on there. Even so, he has far outplayed that rookie contract.