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  1. Def Ross if he’s 100%, thanks for the help with mine
  2. Starting Andrews at TE, but I’m considering flexing Hollister because that Arizona matchup is so juicy. Am I getting too cute? Should I flex Thielen instead? Rest of lineup is: QB Lamar RB McCaffrey RB Sanders WR Lockett WR Perriman TE Andrews Flex ??? D/ST New England K Yoo bench: Thielen, Hollister, Godwin, Montgomery, Deebo, Slayton, D. Washington
  3. Bell will have volume but not much upside. I’m a Jets fan and that offensive line has been painful to watch. It will be a bloodbath in Baltimore. I know it’s tough but I’d bench him and start Mostert, flex Kirk.
  4. Andrews scares me coming off the injury, in a game where the Ravens are so heavily favored they won’t need him. However every start/sit tool is telling me to roll with him. I’m still leaning Hollister, just wanted some confirmation I’m making the right decision.
  5. See, I think Snell is definitely a great play this week, but I worry about Conner coming back...
  6. My team has already secured a first round bye, but behind McCaffrey my RB depth is terrifyingly thin. I’ve got Montgomery, Sanders and Shady McCoy. I definitely wanna scoop one more back for the playoffs, and it’s between Snell and Penny. Both come with plenty of question marks, so I’m just looking for advice on who y’all think has the better ROS. Thanks and whir.
  7. You’re pretty deep at RB and a bit thin at WR so I’d probably do that trade. Jones obviously has the potential to go off any given week, but his usage lately scares me. Amari is consistent af, and the full pt ppr makes me firmly Cooper on this one.
  8. Parker’s been solid. Juju terrifies me this year.
  9. If Bell plays I actually think he’ll have a good game this week. However Singletary and Samuels (only if Conner is out) are both safer plays.
  10. Or pick up another TE to rotate based on matchup? I’m concerned about his usage going forward. Gesicki, Howard and Fant are all available on waivers. I’m considering picking up one just to have another option for the playoffs. Don’t need to drop anyone since I was able to move Thielen to my IR spot today. WHIR.
  11. It’s a coin flip for me, though I lean Kirk. I assume you have another stud TE if you’re flexing Henry?
  12. This is tough for a number of reasons. If he didn’t bite on Henry + Woods I’m not sure he’d go for, say Monty + Woods. Plus Amari and Kenny G both have pretty rough schedules ROS. As a CMC owner it pains me to say this, but as stated above, if you can get a haul for him that includes a solid RB1 & WR1 it might be worth thinking about.