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  1. They say a watched pot never boils DeVante Parker 2019
  2. That is true, and if all you want is draft picks, you should probably stay away from him. I feel like it can be really good for the team culture and keeping the fans interested in a bad team though.
  3. Agreed, it's a shame the rest of his schedule is just brutal.
  4. What makes you think the Bengals are actually trying to win games this year?
  5. Safe and boring is pretty much my goal in a FF QB. I spend capital/assets elsewhere as I'm pretty sure that (2018 Mahomes aside), the difference between QBs is much smaller than most other positions.
  6. I'm going against my gut, but I'm plugging in Edmonds since just about every expert has him just slightly ahead of Coleman.
  7. Coleman has 20+ touches the last two weeks, 16 in his first game back before that.
  8. Per ESPN with my league's scoring, New Orleans is 3rd against RBs, Carolina is 15th. I expect the 49ers defense to give Coleman more opportunities than the Cardinals in NO. Edmonds has more of a bell cow workload, but Coleman should have a much better game-script. Edmonds blew up against a bottom-5 rush defense last week, so it still matters, but game-script and the matchup were both in his favor.
  9. Tevin Coleman or Chase Edmonds. Even with DJ unlikely to play, I'm leaning Coleman. Arizona is going to N.O. - the #3 run defense, and is expected to lose by 12. He doesn't catch too many passes either. I want to take advantage of Edmonds' opportunity, but I have 4 top-20 backs, and I see him as the weakest option this week. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.
  10. My sig is way outdated, hang on edit: So I picked up 49ers D/ST a few weeks ago and they should be set-and-forget. Chase Edmonds is on waivers, so obviously he's going to be my #1 claim, but my league only allows 6 RBs on the roster so I have to drop Breida since I'd like to keep J. Williams as a handcuff. I could drop Mike Williams for a fill-in kicker, but I'm not convinced that Tucker will definitely outscore a streaming roster spot - that is if someone even picks him up during his bye or out-claims me next week. This is not a money league and most players aren't very active on waivers.