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  1. Lock expected back next week. As far as trade value, if I could get MGIII for something like David and Diontae Johnson, I would be ecstatic. He seems to be a very steady, if not exciting RB2 this year.
  2. They'd still probably have the worst record at 1-15 anyways
  3. Not only that, his line would have been way less palatable without those garbage time yards.
  4. Only if you define 'average' as not including any backups
  5. I'm also starting him over Diontae due to the matchups.
  6. I came here to say this, and to clarify, you actually have until 8:15 PM on Monday with Herbert. Hopefully we find out before 1 PM, but Herbert is the play if it's still up in the air come kickoff.
  7. Season-high 3 targets on sunday... Can he catch?
  8. I'll probably start Gesicki over him
  9. Denver's run D is solid, and their secondary is really bad with their injuries.
  10. Fell into the endzone, better matchups coming. Can't be too disappointed right now.
  11. Woods is still a middling WR2 with a super-stable floor, that hasn't changed at all.
  12. Super high floor, relatively low ceiling. Safe to start every week of the season.
  13. Anyone who knows the difference between Fantasy and real NFL, knows that turnovers don't really matter for fantasy production. See Jameis Winston 2019.
  14. High target share only makes a difference when the QB is throwing catchable balls.