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  1. 12 team league, .5 PPR. Honestly, for the past 3 years, i have really liked my teams, but they end up doing terrible lol, so this year, im like 50/50 on my team, so maybe that means its good? lol. Let me know your guys thoughts, and ill return the favor if you leave a link. Thanks! QB- Russel Wilson RB- Dalvin Cook, Josh Jacobs, Leveon Bell, Tevin Coleman, Rashad Penny WR- K. Golloday, Tyler Lockett, Terry Mclaurin, Diontae Johnson, Alshon Jeffery TE- Hooper, Hockenson K- Lutz D- Ravens
  2. 49ers defense is legit, and Gurley is out so he won’t be able to take the pressure off of Goff. I’d go Lamar all day. help with mine please?
  3. I was going to say you should drop McLaurin, but now with the interm coach going with Keenum, I would keep him and drop Mattison. help me with mine please?
  4. Edleman, Chark, JuJu, McLaurin, Watkins. help with mine please?
  5. Im a big believer in going with the matchups. Mixon is a workhorse going up against a subpar run D, and McVay already said they were going to get Henderson more involved this week. I guess it depends on your team and your opponents. If you need a high risk home run, go with Brown, if you want the high floor guy, go with Mixon. help with mine please?
  6. It’s a 14 team league, $600 buy in. The offer is I trade away Dalvin Cook, and receive, Matt Bredia, Derrick Henry, and M. Sanu. My starting squad right now is Wentz, Golladay, Hill, Cook and Cohen, and Tyrell Williams in the flex. I started 3-0 mostly based off luck, and have lost my last 2 games in a row. Nobody on my bench is worth mentioning.
  7. Yes, i would rule him out at #6. I'd grab Adams or Hopkins. Probably Adams. Help with mine?
  8. Patriots backfield is VERY crowded. I would hold onto Lewis.
  9. For me, its Landry, Cooks, Cooper. In that order. I doubt he would take Landry, so it would probably be Cooks. Help with mine?
  10. We just drafted for my big league. $600 buy in, 14 teams. I hate the fact that we have 14 teams, because the end of the draft you are basically taking unknown players lol. Thoughts on my team? I drafted 12th. QB- C. Wentz RB- D. Cook, T. Cohen, L. Murray, C. Thompson, D. Ogunbowale WR- T. Hill, B. Cooks, K. Golladay, T. Williams TE- D. Walker K- Lutz D- Jags
  11. 14 team league, half PPR QB- Wentz, Carr WR- Tyreek Hill, Brandin Cooks, Kenny Golladay, Tyrell Williams RB- D. Cook, T. Cohen, L. Murray, Ogunbowale (Tampa Rookie RB) TE- Delaine Walker K- Lutz D- Jags
  12. VERY nice team. Both starting RBs and WRs are extremely good. I would worry with Fournette’s injury history, so I would be surprised to see you starting Breida at some point. Which isn’t bad, since he’s their lead back. help with mine?
  13. LOL, actually, this is what you get when you are a network engineer who is browsing rotoworld on his work phone 🤭