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  1. Brian Schottenheimer is literally the worst. Dude calls plays like its 2004.
  2. Amazing the Jags came up a 5th for him
  3. Dalton needs to be giving AJG a monthly cut of his salary. Dude wouldn't still be be in the league if it wasn't for him.
  4. 46 pages for a WR who hasn't been good since the '14-'15 season?
  5. Not sure why Smith isn't getting any of the hate here. He's been widely mediocre this season with a 233 yd & 1.1 td per game stat line
  6. Hows the jags run blocking? 1.7 ypc can't be all on him
  7. One of the best TE's in football when healthy they said
  8. definitely time for Mostert to be the power back over washed Alf