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  1. Warren has been awesome all year long, and he'll continue to be awesome. Not quite sure what you're talking about?
  2. Although clearly a hold, the Wiz front court is pretty crowded, especially if Wagner comes back, who was already eating into his minutes... I used to think Bryant was ultra valuable and was just gonna play a million minutes a night and go nuts. But the NBA overall is tending to devalue slow footed big men, and although Bryant is good and can space the floor somewhat, he isn't an elite rim protector or shooter and isn't quick enough to guard on the perimeter. So in theory the Wiz should develop him because he's young and good, but that still might not mean major minutes moving forward. Which is also why I traded him away in dynasty...he's not really above the median in anything except FG, doesn't hurt you in FT but doesn't help you either, is only slightly impactful in rebounds, doesn't get steals, and is below median in blocks for a center, and position / archetype is being devalued league wide.
  3. Even in a "bad" game he still put up 3 threes, a steal, and a block.
  4. I would tend to agree but we saw Toby get traded from the Clips last year when they were in a similar spot...
  5. It's hard to find players like Rose who are positive in points, FT, and assists, while also being a positive in FG. And he gets those popcorn stock / 3's games too. I think RJax is coming back soon, that being said Rose has been so good I'm not sure he'd lose much. Reggie will also be a free agent and I highly doubt Pistons resign him as a part of their long term plans...so maybe he barely plays, especially coming off of injury? Their plan has to be Brown/Kennard/Rose, draft a PG moving forward.
  6. Dude is the Real Deal. And to think he's doing this pretty much as a rookie out of high school having not played in 2 years (a slight exaggeration). He's probably moved into a "must start" while Murray is out. So glad I took a chance and drafted him in a startup dynasty. He just has to stop being a sieve and not F-up on defense as much, and Malone would play him 30+ min/night.
  7. I might have to keep this guy over Hayward as my last keeper...
  8. Possibly but if he f-s up he'll get pulled quick. BUT...he is an elite offensive pairing with Jokic, and if he gets minutes he can do some popcorn stuff with the reb/stl/blk.
  9. Depends on league but yes. PJ Dozier, MVP of the G-League, is also very good and could be relevant, or at minimum worth a stream. MPJ also has a chance here, but will likely get pulled and play low minutes if he f-cks up so hard to start him with confidence, but decent stream in h2h.
  10. He can shoot 3's, and 3 points are worth more than 2. And Rose and Brown cannot play 96 minutes total.
  11. Any night that he's not nuking your FG is a good night.
  12. He's probably one of the best stashes this year in roto...
  13. After his first two games I spent my entire remaining FAAB ($41) on him in a deep league. At first I thought I might regret it. Now I'm naming all my kids Sekou.