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  1. No sane person would feel confident. Depending how the early games go, I may pick him up off the WW before the game in case he blows up, but no way would I start him.
  2. With all the crap 1st round disappointments this year, CMC is absolutely the fantasy MVP for most leagues. Best values are probably Jackson or Ekeler though.
  3. LOL, Jackson was not getting drafted in the 3rd round...
  4. Don't start him this week unless you are desperate...
  5. So, it's the first week of playoffs for most leagues. Pascal and Washington are out there on the WW or picked up recently by teams looking for WR help. Plus, there are a number of WR2/WR3's this week with tough matchups which leads to the question: Should I start Pascal or Washington vs...... So, please help us all out with your thoughts on Pascal and Washington vs. the field. In my case, I am choosing between them and Emanual Sanders and Golden Tate in a PPR leagure.
  6. I don't understand why anyone is still holding the Bears at this point, unless you play in a really deep league with bench space. I wouldn't play them tonight or any of their remaining games.
  7. I dropped them weeks ago. Not worth holding. Remaining schedule: Dallas, GB, KC... Why would you hold them? They did ok against GB at the beginning of the season, but there must be better options on your WW even for that week.
  8. Disagree. The Giants were short handed every one of those weeks. Now Shepherd, Engram, and Barkley are all healthy at the same time. Plus Manning, who hasn't thrown a regular season pass to Tate, is likely to start. Tate could have a good game, but it is a very risky.
  9. He's a hold if you have the space, but I can't see starting him this week outside of really deep leagues.
  10. I reluctantly dropped him because I couldn't see starting him this week and needed the roster space. Manning back in along with Engram likely coming back.... Too much risk for week one of the playoffs. It sucks, because I was REALLY looking forward to rolling him out against Philly when I was planning earlier in the season.
  11. I agree. I own both in a couple of leagues and am only comfortable starting Carson, at least this week. Penny's floor is too low outside of Carson getting benched for fumbling again. Next week against Carolina could be a different story though...
  12. Carson pulled himself for that first Penny TD. He motioned to the sideline after a run. Guess he was gassed, but Penny ran it in two plays later.