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  1. He did. Cousins got me my 20 but part of it was to Rudolph increasing his lead and Lockett put a goose egg up. I honesty don’t think I could stand a chance in playoffs even if I made it. Watson, Lockett, M Jones Jr, Zeke, J Williams after losing Mack (don’t trust Mack to do much on his return, Singletary, Henry, Fuller, Gage, Marquise Brown. My team is half assed due to losing players to injuries. Just not enough ammo for a good playoff run.
  2. Standard scoring, Team 1) 86.9, Rudolph to play Team 2) 66.5, Cousins and Lockett to play Which team wins?
  3. Current team below and at one point I was considering making some trades to maybe upgrade DJ or Mack. Even though my record is now 1-2, I seem to have consistent scoring across the board and don't see the need to do anything irrational right now. Just wanted to reassure myself that by asking the community...standard scoring by the way Watson Hopkins Cooks DJ Mack Olsen Hardman Gould SF D Bench, Marquise Brown, M. Jones Jr., Singletary, OJ Howard, Kirk, Agholor. I thought maybe I can use one of my bench WR's at their high moment to trade for a nice flex RB. Just can't seem to get anybody to bite. Was trying to target the Breida owner or perhaps even Gore if possible. Just feel like I'm heavy on WR's and could use another RB as insurance policy.
  4. I understand your concern but trading away someone you have for a cuff just isn't the right thing to do unless he's shown to be OUTSTANDING. The only case that might happen is for example 2018 Gorden/Ekeler, something like that but not for Pollard.
  5. Thats what I keep thinking. He's going to be the #1 by the end of the season without a shadow of a doubt. I feel like I can at least go after the Elliott owner using my DJ and Hopkins or maybe even Barkley owner since he's 0-2
  6. I like Godwin but I think the offensive scheme will change and won't be so heavy on him. They'll meet up with some good D's and chucking it to Godwin won't be an option all the time like it has been. You'll also be in a tough situation where you can't really play both at the same time. I'd pass.
  7. Got an offer, wondering whether this is fair for me or not. Pretty close but can't decide simply because the Jets aren't a high powered offense. Then again, neither are the Cardinals but here it goes... Give David Johnson, Greg Olsen, and Hopkins Get LeVeon Bell, Diggs, and Kelce My other receive is Cooks. Not sure I should downgrade from Hopkins to Diggs to supposedly upgrade at RB. Very close one to me.
  8. Normally I would have said Hockenson but with Brown being out I think Waller is going to see more targets this week. Roll with him for safe floor or if you want to swing for the fences, go Hockenson.
  9. Even with McCoy in town, the guy has 2346 rushing attempts next to Williams 183. Safe to say the guy is a young buck and I don't think McCoy is going to eat into the share of that kind of fresh talent unless Reid just likes reuniting with his ex that much lol As for the question itself, in this order... Jones Williams Gordon
  10. In the wake Brown the Clown's news, drop Goodwin and grab T. Williams or not worth pulling the trigger now?
  11. Wondering if its too premature of a decision to drop Goodwin and grab T. Williams in the wake of Brown the Clown's news? WHIR
  12. I like the matchup for Njoku and have him in now. Do I swap him out for Brate?
  13. I currently have McCaffrey in my lineup and putting Ian Thomas in I feel is risky especially since Hilton might sit and I'll be plugging in DJ Moore already. Something doesn't excite me about having 3 Panthers in my starting lineup at the same time regardless of matchup. I currently have Njoku in my TE spot and I feel good about him just having second thoughts. My opponent's Allen put up a fat zero yesterday so that helps.
  14. Pick one from each list, Ryan vs ARI Prescott @Ind Jackson vs TB Njoku @Den Brate @Bal Flex Henry @NYG Moore vs NO