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  1. Idk about any of yall but edmonds, to me, looked way more explosive.
  2. Seattle's high powered offense and their low powered defense this week.. Seems like a perfect week for edmonds usage.
  3. His schedule is about to open up very nicely and it closes very nicely as well. Any shot we see a top 15 version of this guy from here on out? Or just not enough volume mixed with lamar being inaccurate?
  4. This. With juju as the odd man out. I don't see a true wr1 here but two wr2s with wr1 upside and wr 3or 4 downside.
  5. Didn't wait all these weeks to drop him the week before he comes back tho.. Imo
  6. Idk man if anything I feel Davis is proving the 'rbs don't matter' argument. I think they save CMC for the playoffs, ease him in.... Davis should be flex valuable all season.
  7. So we're gona expect an inconsitant 1000 yards right? Honestly without the 3td game he's been relatively pedestrian.
  8. Well this is the entire reason we're talking about him. Because Lazard is not in the lineup and MVS is underwhelming. By the time the offense is whole again, BigBob will have carved out his roll and trust with arod. Imo.
  9. Precisely. Effectively, he's Aaron's #2.5 target. It's adams. And then the rbs from the backfield and Tonyan. MVS is a buster and relegated to deeper ball guy, in my opinion. I honestly feel like we're looking at a very valuable player right now. Mix in his red zone ability and Adams nagging soft tissue injuries. He's made me float Kittle on the block, for better or for worse.
  10. I agree. Sell high if you can get something significant.
  11. Barring injury, Tyrod never sees the field for the chargers again.
  12. Dude was a beast with Locke. Be nice to have him back.
  13. Why baffled? They want the stats to go to the $500m man. Simple as that imo. Run game will never be featured with Mahomes back there.
  14. Nope. His ankle will keep him out. Ready to sell his name high and call it a day. As a 49er fan I don't like owning guys on my squad. If they do well I'm gona be excited but if they crap the bed I'm doubly pissed.
  15. He's stuck blocking too much too often. Gives this man the target share he deserves.