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  1. Said he played catch from 90 feet today with no discomfort. Positive sign of course but any elbow or forearm issues tend to make me nervous. Trying to package him as one of my keepers for darvish and a draft pick. What are others doing with this info thag he didn't have discomfort? Sell his good news or run with it?
  2. I think he's more alluding to the very position eligibility.
  3. He stole 15 in 325 abs. I personally see 25ish in his profile this season.
  4. Edman is gona play a ton. He's slated for a super utility role and I think the cardinals no better then then to keep one of their better hitters on the bench for too many games. Muti eligible, high BA and steaks 20+ bags. His run totals will be damn solid imo and I'm willing to trade the rbi total for BA and the SB. This is a kid I'll be targeting for sure and will be ecstatic to obtain his services late in my draft.
  5. Seems like he was pretty consistent. BA came down almost each month tho
  6. The thing about Pham is, your not drafting him for his Hrs. In today's league everyone hits 20 hrs so finding the long ball for your team hasn't been as tough as years past. If you take Pham it's because you believe he can still steal 20+ bags and has the potential to have solid counting stats squished somewhere in with tatis machado and Hosmer. You have to believe a partially torn UCL had to hinder him in the batting box too. A fully healthy Pham I think returns solid value, even if he only host 17-20 hr.
  7. Improved lineup with Starling and Ahmed coming into his own. Can we expect the same type of season this year? Seems as if he had his coming out party last season.
  8. Not in a position to hold onto em, personally. Preemptively adding wayne gallman in henderson place. I don't think Todd looks so bad himself, it's the line the offense, and Goff. The back rbs sure wouldn't be able to over come all of that either..... Easy drop,et the Gurley owner waste the roster spot. Maybe next year.
  9. I just don't think he's healthy, on top of the s--- play calling and coaching. Not that he's a stud but it might be time to scoop and stash gallman if u may need a running back.
  10. I'm not as encouraged as everyone else. I didn't watch the game so does anyone have some insight? The td catch was great but his production seemed to come to a screeching hault afterwards. I'm usualy more hopeful for high reception counts and more yards, tds can be flukey.
  11. Anyone else not buying his resurgence in the 2nd half or is thag schedule just too juicy not to believe?