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  1. Sooo.... are we looking at a top 30 pick here next year?
  2. This guy is going to be a 3rd round pick next year. It's more than just a hot streak in a severely shortened season. He's been raking ever since he was recalled last year.
  3. Votto showing signs of life lately.
  4. I feel like when Bichette comes back, Shaw and his 76 wRC+/.637 OPS is moving to the bench while Villar plays 3rd.
  5. Grichuk walk-off 2 run bomb in extras.
  6. 153 wRC+ He's an absolute stud in OBP leagues. Will be interesting to see how far he shoots up draft boards for 2021. Gotta figure he goes in the top 50-60 in standard leagues and top 30 in OBP leagues.
  7. Randall Grichuk is en fuego right now.
  8. .284/.351/.657 with 8 bombs thru 19 games... and most people paid peanuts to get him.
  9. This Jays/Marlins game is pretty wild.
  10. They gave up Woods-Richardson and Kay for a dozen Marcus Stroman starts. Ouch.
  11. Definitely holding foe the time being after last night's performance.
  12. Pearson is already touching 98/99 in the 2nd inning.
  13. Chase Anderson is starting the season on the DL which helps Pearson.